Would you rather be bitten by a Sydney Funnel Spider or an Eastern Brown Snake?

Australia is famous (well, infamous) for its array of deadly creatures.

Among them are the famous eastern brown snake and the sinister Sydney funnel-web spider.

But which, if you had to choose, would you rather get bitten by? The answer might surprise you.

On this episode of Would you prefer?, Matthew Agius and I am perfect facing their ophidio- and arachophobias and going head-to-head trying to convince themselves of being bitten by one of Australia’s deadliest animals would be a better bet than the other.

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I am perfect

I am perfect

Imma Perfetto is a science journalist at Cosmos. She holds a Bachelor of Science with Honors in Science Communication from the University of Adelaide.

Matthew Agius

Matthew Agius

Matthew Agius is science editor for Cosmos Magazine.

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