Will Max Verstappen boycott Sky Sports F1 at the Brazilian GP this weekend? The snub explained | F1 | sport

Max Verstapppen and Red Bull have made a decision on their boycott of Sky Sports after refusing to speak to the Mexican broadcaster following comments from pit lane reporter Ted Kravitz. After the United States Grand Prix, on his ‘Ted’s Notebook’ show, the 48-year-old said Lewis Hamilton was “robbed” of the 2021 F1 World Championship in Abu Dhabi last year.

This angered Christian Horner and co and as a result they provided no comment to the broadcaster at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez circuit last month. Sky Sports’ German and Italian channels have been barred from speaking to the defending constructors’ champions, but that is set to change.

According to the Dutch publication AD, Horner has revealed Verstappen and the entire Red Bull team will be available for Sky Sports again from the Brazilian Grand Prix this weekend. “We were disappointed with Sky’s comments,” Horner said last month.

“Max was very angry about this and as a team we fully support him. So I have made the decision to take a Sky weekend. We believe there should be a balance in the comments provided on TV.

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“Some of Sky’s commentary is great, but sometimes too much sensation is sought. The world we live in is always hungry for big headlines and I don’t think any broadcaster should be feeding that.

“That we are accused of stealing a world title is neither right nor fair. That’s why we wanted to show that some things are unacceptable. But the next race we’ll talk to Sky as normal again.”

Kravitz said on his show: “[Hamilton] doesn’t win a race all year, then finally comes back to a track where he could win the first race all year, fighting the same guy who won the race he was robbed the year before, and manages to finish in front of him. What a scenario and what a story it would have been. But that’s not how the script went today, is it?


“Because the guy who beat him after he was robbed actually overtook him, because he has a faster car, because of engineering, Formula 1 and design, and pretty much due to [Adrian Newey, Red Bull’s Chief Technical Officer] there.” Following his comments, Verstappen said last week that he was annoyed the channel “was disrespectful” and suggested there was “one particular person” in the center of the row .

“It’s been a constant kind of digging and being disrespectful, especially from one particular person,” the Dutchman said. “At some point, enough is enough, and I don’t accept it. You can’t live in the past and you have to move on.

We know the driver will provide commentary to Sky Sports again at F1’s penultimate race of the season in Sao Paulo, but it remains to be seen whether the boycott will also lead to a change in media coverage.