Two running backs standing out from OC Josh Gattis

If you could make a year-over-year statistical improvement in the bank for the 2022 Miami Hurricanes, you’d be smart to bet on the rushing offensive play that takes a leap.

With Mario Cristobal and Alex Mirabal emphasizing physicality on the offensive line and offensive coordinator Josh Gattiswho showed his ability to craft creative running plays in Michigan in 2021, calling plays, look for UM to feature more balance offensively this year.

Miami finished the 2021 season No. 97 nationally averaging just 127 yards per game. Michigan averaged 214 rushing yards per game while Oregon rushed for 202 yards per game.

Beyond coaches emphasizing the running game, UM’s backfield also features more depth in 2022 from a personnel perspective.

Best rusher 2021 Jaylan Knighton returns for its third season at the collegiate level while the Hurricanes also added the transfer of Ole Miss Henry Parrish. Don Chaney Jr. working his way back from a knee injury that knocked him out of the season in game two of the 2021 schedule and thomas franklin is a second-year fullback who can bring an element of power to the ground game.

True freshman TreVonte’ Citizen also has the talent to push for a role with a college-ready build at 6-foot, 215 pounds and a mature mindset.

Miami has featured just one running back who has 75+ runs on the season in 2021 (partly due to lack of depth and partly due to the program). Now Gattis will have many options for giving litters.

“The players dictate it,” Gattis said of determining who will carry for the Hurricanes this year. “We want to play with as many players as possible who can help us win games. If it’s two guys we feel comfortable with, then it’s two guys. If it’s four or five guys… we’re not going to hand out playing time just to hand out playing time. We’re going to play against the top guys and we want competition in every position”

Through the first three practices of fall camp, it’s clear that Knighton and Parrish are the most consistent of the group at this point. Knighton rushed for 561 yards and eight touchdowns last year while Parrish rushed for 553 yards and three touchdowns as the third running back in the rotation at Ole Miss in 2021.

Gattis was pleased with the consistency Knighton and Parrish have shown so far.

“These two guys in particular have trained to a very, very high level,” Gattis said. “If I can highlight these two guys from an effort perspective, they’re training the way we want them to train. I’m not talking about running the ball. I’m talking about making small things like chasing the ball after it’s been thrown Chasing after blocks It’s easy to judge a ball carrier by what they do with the ball in their hand, but the real details and the real level of execution and effort cause all of our guys to play without the ball.

Chaney rushed for 322 yards and three touchdowns as a true freshman in 2020. Gattis hopes to see him continue to gain confidence in his repaired knee as the season progresses.

“Now it’s about making Don comfortable and trusting his knee,” Gattis said. “He is completely healthy, but he is clearing all minor aches and pains so he can be as comfortable as possible in his footballing ability.”

Is Gattis concerned with helping ball carriers find rhythm in a match?

“The key is to maximize what you do with the opportunities you have,” Gattis said.

Knighton embraces global competition within the group.

“There’s nothing set,” Knighton said. “We just come to work every day and compete to improve.”

Read on for more news and notes from Monday’s practice.

News and notes

– VIP Link: Observations from Monday’s practice.

– Overall, Gattis is happy with how the attack has approached the first three days of camp: “It’s been good, but it’s a work in progress. It’s about how we want to train with the right intensity and then just get back into football shape. Everyone is in the best possible shape until the helmet snaps into place and the moisture kicks in and the shoulder pads snap into place. We have to keep pushing ourselves. That’s what training camp is for, creating that identity for your team and from a physical point of view, it’s a mentality.

– With OL Zion Nelson due to injury with the healthy additions of John Campbell and Jalen Rivers after being restricted in the spring, Gattis said they were doing a lot of cross-training on the offensive line to find the right mix of players. “We’re still trying to figure out what our top five are,” Gattis said. “Hopefully in these first two weeks of camp we solidify it and understand it, because then we want to move forward from a chemical point of view with our communication and our technique.”

-OL Jalen Rivers brings great positional flexibility due to its size, length, strength, and intelligence. Gattis admitted he was playing in several places on the line to open the camp. “You can see his flexibility along the offensive line,” Gattis said. “He’s a guy who can play all five positions. He’s that Swiss army knife up front with his ability to move around and with the limited depth we have we’re asking guys to be selfless and multiplayer. positions.

-OL John Campbell has the opportunity to earn the starting left tackle position to start the season with Zion Nelson is coming back from a knee injury. Campbell has been limited during spring football as he recovers from a knee injury, but Gattis has been happy with his appearance so far. “John played left tackle and now it’s just about getting him to catch up at game speed,” Gattis said. “He’s blessed to be healthy and confident in his lower body and also to face some really good defensive ends. When you see the type of additions we made like Michel Agudewe’re getting good on good and honed iron with our offensive line.

-OL jakai clark is confident in Campbell’s ability. “John is a very good player,” Clark said. “He’s been a good player since I’ve been here. It’s exciting to see him get the opportunity to go out there and show what he can do. He’s really determined as a person. He knows what his goals are and he will work hard to achieve those goals.

– The team wore shoulder pads and shorts for Monday’s practice and it was a physical session, according to the players who spoke to the media on Monday afternoon.

– RB TreVonte’ Citizen impressed Knighton with his mature mindset: “He’s very mature. He will work hard. He came to want to learn. It’s the difference between freshmen playing and not playing. He’s a great guy and a very mature freshman.

-RB Henry Parrish is known for his patience and vision at running back, but he also has a lot of speed. Parrish told InsideTheU after training that he recorded 21.4 mph on Miami’s GPS tracking system during the summer.

– Parrish is excited about how UM’s offensive line is doing in the run-blocking phase: “They’re all moving guys and they’re all moving their feet. The offensive line does not have enough credit. They do it for us. There are holes everywhere.

– Gattis in second year WR Romello Brinson“He’s another guy who didn’t play in the spring, so he has a lot of catching up to do. It’s about going out there and being comfortable and performing at a high level.

– Gattis on adding a JUCO wide receiver Colbie Young“Every day is a new day for him, so he’s continually learning and adjusting to this South Florida heat. You have to keep supporting him.”

-KG Corey Flag embraces the competition that comes with UM adding UCLA transfer Caleb Johnson to the linebacker room this offseason. “It’s always good to have good competition in the room,” Flagg said. “Caleb brings good competition to the room. We face competition and I take advantage of it.

– Flagg on how the defensive system will be different this season from a linebacker’s perspective: “Coach Strong wants us to play more downhill and not just flanks and more square and trailing. Don’t think outside the box and play more of a flow game. It’s more of an NFL pattern… Our defense is sort of a race against the Patriots and the Rams. It is a versatile defense and a very good defense. It’s more sideways and being patient and letting the big players up front eat and we feed off of them. I take advantage of it.

-KG Wesley Bissainthe has impressed Flagg since his arrival last January. “He’s different,” Flagg said. “He locks up and listens. He doesn’t say too much, but when he asks questions, they are good questions. He is lively and intelligent. He is physical and fast.

-DL Antonio Moultrie impressed Clark during camp: “I feel like he can do a bit of everything. He’s got speed, he’s got power and he’s got a really high engine.

-DL Darrell Jackson is difficult to block, according to Clark: “He’s huge. He has long arms and it’s hard to block a guy like that. He’s been working with Coach Joe on the defensive line and he’s obviously going to improve.