ThroughPut Inc. Announces New AI-Based Financial Capabilities to Grow Results Despite Market Disruption and Supply Chain Uncertainties

AI-powered supply chain capabilities to enable CFOs, supply chain managers, and other business leaders to quickly identify areas that most effectively accelerate results and drive sustainable advantage on the market

PALO ALTO, Calif., September 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ThroughPut Inc., the pioneer in industrial AI supply chain, today announced the addition of powerful key financial capabilities to its supply chain software suite. Latest AI-powered software empowers companies to get a holistic view of finances at the business unit and organization level to identify improvements in specific areas that can drive greater profitability and contribution margins at the SKU level. Thus, organizations can remove the uncertainty of current market conditions and quickly implement continuous improvements across their entire value chain, quickly translating into significant positive impacts on the bottom line.

In today’s increasingly dynamic markets, more than ever, companies need to do more with less – sell more, secure more value, capture more wallet share, as well as market share – all with less effort, time, capital and cost. Failing to do so quickly, smartly, and sustainably erodes not only actual and potential revenue, but also market position, brand, and ultimately customer loyalty.

“Every business generates tons of data. But your competitive edge lies not just in visualizing that data, but rather in your ability to dig deeper into the actionability hidden in every corner of your supply chain. Such predictions powered by AI drive real business results for a healthy bottom line.” Explain SethPageCOO of ThroughPut Inc. “Such capabilities should be within reach of all responsible CFOs and executives today looking to do more in volatile markets. Investors, shareholders and stakeholders are increasingly demanding better and more predictable financial, operational and sustainability outcomes, and innovative solutions Industry leaders are taking notice Ultimately, the power lies in knowing how to manage and take advantage of market dynamics that many leaders otherwise tend to think of as being out of our control. The good news is that it all comes down to Supply chain actionability – dynamic working capital and efficiency improvements at the micro level across the entire value chain. ThroughPut helps companies get there quickly by leveraging our supply chain AI on their existing disparate data sources.”

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Key Financial Capabilities

Cascading double cascades: This chart compares the contributions of each impact area on the net benefit metric to equate all of the interrelationships and dependencies that are integral to the modern supply chain. This too:

  • Summarizes the minimum and maximum impact range across all areas of activity
  • Shows the overall expected impact on net profit at the corporate or business unit level after addressing all assessed impact areas

Financial flow : By reducing costs across their entire supply chain processes and activities, companies are able to minimize both their OPEX and CAPEX. Plus, cash flow conversion cycle analysis and a powerful overview of accounts payable, accounts receivable, and inventory turns allow businesses to:

  • Quickly highlight high-impact areas that can improve free cash flow
  • Leverage actionable recommendations to quickly accelerate financial gains
  • Analyze recent indicators of change to display the company’s growth trajectory and how best to realize identified and projected financial benefits

Below are the key enhancements to demand planning, inventory management, supply chain operations, and logistics management that the ThroughPut platform focuses on.

Demand planning enhancements: With AI-powered demand planning, companies have the ability to translate the impact of their current order delivery rate (on-time, full deliveries – OTIF in percentage terms) into lost throughput. It helps them to:

  • Rapidly eliminate losses by identifying products that require operational improvements to unlock more sales (achievable recovery of lost sales), while freeing up operational capacity
  • Maximize available resources and increase revenue by determining throughput improvement potential based on changing market conditions, coupled with recommended actions to achieve

Inventory management improvements: With the top products using excess working capital ranked by “excess working capital” values, companies can determine which products to stock more and which to reduce. It helps businesses to:

  • Maintain optimal inventory levels that support operations, working capital requirements, and sales efforts by ranking top-selling products experiencing frequent stock-outs by value-at-risk
  • Identify working capital savings and minimize missed sales opportunities due to stockouts by comparing current inventory levels to historical inventory levels to uncover excess inventory

Operational improvements: Businesses can target balanced resource utilization rates while meeting existing and future demand with dynamically optimized inventory levels. They can also:

  • Free up potential capacity which can then be better utilized to meet additional demand
  • Minimize the risk of lost sales due to reported production constraints

Logistics improvements: Businesses can reduce unnecessary logistics movements (such as cross-shipments, shipments to external warehouses, and deliveries to distribution partners) due to misallocation of resources and overproduction by:

  • Leverage custom demand forecasting, near-term OTIF potential and product mix optimization to maximize profit margins
  • Identify and freely choose the logistics routes that best suit their goals and requirements following intelligent data analysis on many potential network configuration options (including the optimal routes that result in the lowest costs, CO2 emissions lowest, highest contribution margins, etc.)

ThroughPut continuously works with top CFOs, supply chain managers, enterprises and other organizations around the world to rapidly increase their supply chain visibility, actionability, resilience and business results. Such capabilities enable industry leaders to minimize demand and supply variances, costly inventory buildups, and ever-increasing labor, transportation, and material costs. As the supply chain optimization pioneer works on its mission to level and stabilize the supply chain minefield for all innovative companies, it promises continued improvements in visibility and end-to-end supply chain actionability, capital and operational asset optimization, effective inventory management, sustainability, and overall business results.

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