Thrill Behind the Monsters Slasher Horror Doc Series Trailer

Robert Englund sits in a director's chair with his name on it, dressed in Freddy Krueger makeup and costume.

One, two, Freddy is coming for you!
Screenshot: Shudder

the thrill Behind the monsters is a documentary series paying homage to some of the biggest and bloodiest names in the game. The first trailer is here and it sounds like a lot of fun, starring Tom Savini, Heather Langenkamp, ​​Doug Bradley, Tony todd, and other well-known personalities come to share their experience and expertise.

If there is a characteristic of slasher moviesis that the killers themselves are the real stars; with a few exceptions, the guys who wield knives, machetes, razor-sharp fingernails, angry bees, interdimensional torture demons and other creative weapons are what audiences remember most when they leave the theater. They are also the ones who come back again and again, suite after suite. As new Halloween movie, Halloween kills, gearing up for its theatrical and streaming rollout, Shudder teases his latest series celebrating the horror genre. Take a look at Behind the monsters.

Courtesy of Shudder, here’s the call for all slashers getting the Behind the monsters treatment, as well as some of the people who will influence their history and cultural impact:

  • Candy, with interviews with the original Candy (1992) director Bernard rose and stars Tony todd and Virginie madsen; Candy (2021) director Nia DaCosta; and Dark Horror‘s Antananarivo Due, among others.
  • Chucky, with interviews with Child’s play (1988) creator / writer Don Mancini, director Tom holland and star Catherine hicks, with the voice of Chucky, Brad Dourif, among others.
  • Jason voorhees, including interviews with Kane hodder, actor / stuntman of Friday 13 Parts VII and VIII, Jason is going to hell and Jason x, and Tom savini, creator of special effects on Friday 13 Parts I and IV, among others.
  • Michael myers, with interviews with the actor Nick’s Castle of Halloween and the new one Halloween Blumhouse films, as well as Halloween (2018) stuntman James jude courtney, among others.
  • Freddy krueger, including interviews with Freddy (1984) and Wes Craven New nightmare (1994) stars Heather langenkamp and Lin Shaye, as well as special effects designer Jim doyle, among others.
  • Pinhead, including an interview with Hellraiser actor Doug Bradley and others.

Behind the monsters premieres October 27 on Shudder.

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