The West is witnessing a worrying increase in Covid caused by Omicron. The death rate is a silver lining | Latest India News

The record daily case of coronavirus disease (Covid-19) in the United States this week has raised new concerns about the Omicron variant, as it continues to spread rapidly across the world. The UK, France and the US have witnessed an exponential increase in Covid-19 cases, with Britain reporting more than 2,200 daily cases per million people. While France is second with more than 2,000 daily infections per million inhabitants, the United States is rapidly catching up with the countries most affected.

The death rate, however, remains the silver lining of the Covid wave fueled by the highly contagious Omicron variant. In January 2021, when Britain reported the unprecedented increase in daily cases, the death rate was around 18 deaths per million people. Now that the UK has reported infections almost three times a day since January last year, the number of new daily confirmed deaths per million people hovers around 1.47, less than a tenth of the death rate registered a year ago.

Experts suggest the low death rate can be attributed to the high vaccination coverage in the country this time around.

According to Our World In Data, the seven-day moving average of daily new infections is currently around 1,100 per million people, well above its January peak of 756. The average of daily Covid-related deaths is rising. currently stands at around 4 per million people, up from 10 per million people in January 2021.

Dr Suresh Kumar, doctor at LNJP Delhi Hospital, said 138 cases of Omicron were treated in hospital last month as infections continue to rise at an alarming rate. Kumar told ANI news agency that 95% of them have recovered and returned home, adding that all Omicron patients in the hospital are stable.

“Up to three children have been found positive for Omicron in the past month. Two have been discharged from the hospital while the third is recovering and is currently stable,” added the LNJP general manager. .

Symptoms are less visible in the vaccinated population while in children the symptoms are moderate fever and loose movements, according to the doctor.

“The children will be vaccinated within the next two weeks and we can expect fewer cases of Covid-19 after that,” Kumar said.

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