The Google Follow feature recommends descriptive titles for the RSS feed and the use of a single feed (not multiple)

Google has made some changes to the documentation for the tracking feature in Google Search. Google added that you should use (1) descriptive titles for your RSS feed and (2) only one feed even if you have more than one.

The Google Follow feature allows users to follow a website and get the latest updates from that website in the Follow tab of Discover in Chrome. Currently, the Follow button is a feature available to US English-logged-in users using Chrome Android. Google first added these help documents in September 2021. Google has now updated them to add these lines:

Descriptive titles for RSS feeds

Google wrote that you should “use a brief but descriptive title for your RSS feed, just as you would for a web page”. Google recommends using “Google Search Central Blog” while Google does not recommend using “RSS Feed or Central Blog”.

Single stream

Google changed the multiple stream section to read “If you have multiple feeds on your website (for example, a news website with RSS feeds for the homepage, business section, and technology), we recommend adding a link to a single feed that makes sense for this page. A single feed is easier to manage and provides a better user experience when people subscribe to your content. For example, if the article is about technology, specify the technology flow in the link element.

Added “You can also add multiple feeds in the order of your preference. For example, you might prefer that people follow the home page feed, then the business section, then the technology, in that order Google uses this information to learn about how multiple feeds are used on your site.”

Here’s what the Follow feature looks like in Chrome:

click for actual size

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