The Delhi-Mumbai highway is about to stage a new era of development for tribal areas: Gadkari


Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari said on Thursday that the 1,380-kilometer Greenfield Delhi-Mumbai Expressway (DME) would stage a new era of development and prosperity in the tribal areas of the country, as it covers most of the 115 ambitious districts. with the tribal people.

On the first day of his visit to inspect the progress of the DME works, Gadkari reached the Lakheri area of ​​Bundi district, where his helicopter landed on Thursday at noon on the temporary helipad in Sakhadwa village, after which he examined the progress of work on the DME-11 package. and later interacted with media representatives on the progress and prospectus of the DME. The Union Minister was accompanied by State Energy Minister BD Kalla and officials from India’s Road Authority. The highway would save time and gasoline and most importantly “it will bring a new era of development in the tribal areas,” he said, adding “it will be a development highway.” in several states and will bring socio-economic transformation, which is a major responsibility. The ambitious 115 districts of the country include the maximum number of tribal districts where the highway passes and this will bring huge changes in the lives of young tribals, he added. The minister recalled the remark of former US President John Kennedy that “American roads are not good because America is rich but America is rich because American roads are good”.

The trade union minister appreciated the quality of DME’s work in Rajasthan.

He urged the government of Rajasthan to develop industrial hubs, logistics parks and smart cities on both sides of the state highway to provide jobs for young people in rural areas.

Gadkari said he was happy that much of DME’s work on the Bharatmala project, worth Rs 1 lakh crore, has been done so far, but in Rajasthan the work has now been completed. started due to a bit of a delay in demining by the environment and forestry departments, however, he hoped the work would speed up in the next six months. The 1,380 km DME is the longest highway in the world and 374 km is under construction at a cost of Rs 18,000 crore in the state and the entire work order in the state has been awarded, a- he declared. The 181 km stretch in the state will be completed by the end of March 2022 and the remaining work will be completed by January 2023, he said. The highway would reduce the distance between Delhi and Mumbai to just 12 p.m. to 12:30 p.m., the Union minister said, saying efforts are underway to shorten road distances between major cities so that one can get from one remote location to another in a matter of hours. The DME is a controlled-access highway that neither humans nor animals can cross and that is why the minimum speed on the highway is set at 120 km / h, the minister said. ” Today I gave a try and traveled with Mantriji (Minister of State) and other officials at the speed of 160 km near Dausa and if you travel at the same speed you would reach Delhi in 2 hours, ” Gadkari said. . The highway is the first in Asia and the second in the world to feature animal overpasses that facilitate the free movement of wildlife in Bundi district, he said.

The DME will have three animal underpasses and five animal overpasses with a combined length of 7 km dedicated to the free movement of wildlife. The highway will also feature Asia’s iconic first and second 8-lane 4.89 km tunnel through Mukundra Shrine, Gadkari said. “We must aim for development and at the same time protect ecology and environment and the project is a combination of the same commitment and we will work to protect wildlife,” said the minister.

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