The Batman Robert Pattinson streaming on HBO Max in April

Batman shines on a rooftop in The Batman.

Screenshot: Warner Bros./DC

Thanks to an apparent Technical problem, Riddler-Intel level a dropped that we can expect to see the The Batman home at the end of April. Deadline reported (and screen-capped) the dates before they are removed from HBO websiteand trade says its news that the DC hit will happen Tuesday, April 19 on HBO Max, and Saturday, April 23 on HBO service providers is “legit.”

The Batman follows the agreement for 2022 in which Warner Bros. versions will be made available for home video consumption 45 days after the start of their theater races, a changee of theLast year daytime-and-date release schedule. With the buzz surrounding the film, it seems like aaccidental revelation has only added to the hype for the future of the film franchise since its release. It’s really surprising that it’s not the work of the Riddler at (always oneactive) viral website glimpsed in the film credits. The, the fans were able to play the game through its puzzles in order to unlock Easter eggs movie, as close-UPS of credityptical images and Thomas Wayne’s campaign video. It would be great if this was all part of this. Imagine if the studio had dropped the Arkham cuts the scene that the director Matt Reeves mentioned was excluded from the final Edit. (Really, wWe just want to see a bit more of Barry Keoghan’s take on the mysterious ‘prisoner’.”) The release date issue however seems completely unrelated and just a technical error that occurred.

Last week, HBO Max announced its series order spin-off series The Penguin with Colin Farrell. The show is set to follow Oswald Cobblepot as he rises from the events of Batman’s final act.

The Batman is in theaters now, and Deadline notes that it’s on track to cross the half-billion worldwide box office mark by the weekend.

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