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Jedi Luke is here and ready to go.

Jedi Luke is here and ready to go.
Photo: Hot toys

In 2015, fans entered Star Wars: The Force Awakens with many questions—asd near the top of the list was “What’s up with Luke Skywalker?” Fans reportedly only have clues in this movie and would have to wait two more years to find out. his fate in 2017 Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Yet he was an old Luke. A beaten Luke. A Luke with a story we haven’t seen.

Then it is only in 2020, when the character appeared at the very end of The Mandalorian season two, that fans have seen the Luke they’ve truly dreamed of for decades. He was a lively young Luke. A Luke at the height of his Jedi abilities, having just defeated an Emperor and redeemed his father—and about to start a journey to try and bring back the Jedi. Ultimately, we now know it fails, but Hot Toys lets you bring home the iconic Luke of your dreams in the form of a brand new collectible.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian Luke Skywalker in 1/6 scale comes in two versions. There is a standard version with new head sculpt, Jedi cape, LED light –the lightsaber, the base, the backdrop and even Grogu himself. Then there is also a Deluxe Edition which has all of this plus a battle damaged Dark Trooper bust. so you can reenact the memorable moment where Luke crushed them with the Force. Below you will see images of both. But see all photos of the standard version (which costs $ 285) on this link, and everything from the deluxe version (which costs $ 330) on this link.

It is not yet known if this version of Luke Skywalker will appear in season three. of The Mandalorian when this will be presented in (most likely) end of 2022. But we imagine that he should play some role because if Grogu and Din Djarin are not reunited, Why do we even watch this show in the first place ?

Oh, and whether or not you want to drop $ 300 on another version of Luke Skywalker, you can read more about how the character came back to Star wars later this month, when a new special is released on Disney + how are youelf at length in this unforgettable final scene.

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