SolidusX is the perfect platform to access global financial markets: review

SYDNEY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SolidusX, an innovative trading platform deployed by London-based Solidus Capital, allows users to trade online, day or night, in cryptocurrencies, forex, corporate stocks and more asset classes. SolidusX offers 24/7 access to global financial markets, available on Apple and Google Play stores, ensuring users never miss out on potentially rewarding trading opportunities.

“Our overarching goal is always to support and guide investors to a prosperous financial future,” said David Ginsburg, Chief Investment Officer at SolidusX. “And we have the tools, the market expertise and the industry-leading platform to do it.”

Safe and legit

Since its debut in March, SolidusX has received rave reviews from various leading online forums. Many reviewers praised the platform’s reasonable fees, excellent customer service, and ever-expanding array of features designed for ease of use. Reviewers also describe SolidusX as a safe and legit platform for new investors who are concerned about the security of their trades.

SolidusX allows users to perform instant trades – anytime, anywhere – across the full range of asset classes, making the most of market movements across the globe. Using paid versions of FXSTREET products, including the economic calendar, SolidusX provides users with real-time updates on market trends and events. This feature features 1,000 events from 42 countries, while the Crypto News Feed covers relevant movements of the most traded pairs, as well as crypto-related economic data releases and macro news.

“E-commerce has never been so easy”

SolidusX is not intended only for professional traders despite its remarkably high functionality. It offers special accounts suitable for newcomers to online trading, who will receive comprehensive support and advice – by phone, email or video chat – from highly experienced investment specialists.

Available as a web terminal and mobile trading application, SolidusX uses a range of top-to-bottom security protocols. Users never have to sleep on the security of their financial transactions.

According to Ginsburg, SolidusX was designed to “maximize synergy” between product and user. “We managed to create a product that integrates advanced trading tools into a simple and easy to use platform. The result is that online trading has never been easier.