Silly ‘Feed the Scousers’ chants won’t go away, but Everton and Liverpool have the final say

At Goodison Park earlier this month, Arsenal fans joined in a heartwarming moment of applause for the tragic Arthur Labinjo-Hughes – the toddler tortured and starved by his obnoxious father and stepmother.

Then in the next breath, they sang “Feed the Scousers”.

The juxtaposition was as stupid as it was despicable.

But then, very little thought is given to football chants in disguise in the name of “jokes”.

Celebrating food poverty is just the latest inequality that thoughtless football fans have grappled with.

The song “Feed the Scousers” has been around since 1984, when Band Aid recorded a record that raised £ 8million for starving Africans.

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Thirty-seven years later and we clearly don’t live in a more enlightened time.

The disgusting songs celebrating unemployment last even longer.

They were there again in Molineux on December 4th when Wolves fans happily chanted “Sign On! “,” You will never get a job! And “With a pen, in your hand” to Liverpool fans.

Newcastle supporters could then be heard chanting ‘Feed the Scousers’ outside at Anfield on December 16.

Likewise, Leicester City fans vs Liverpool in last night’s Carabao Cup quarter-final match here in Merseyside.

Long, loud and totally shameless.

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These enrollment chants were first broadcast in the early Thatcher years, when unemployment in Merseyside was nearly 20 percent – even higher in city centers.

It was a precise response to Everton and Liverpool’s dominance in football at the time.

Most clubs couldn’t get into Merseyside on the pitch, so they tried to do so while poking fun at the heartbreaking desperation of unemployment and families torn apart by the economic tragedies a city suffered in the 1980s.

It was about as funny as Jim Davidson. Or Bernard Manning.

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Almost four decades after “modern” football fans still trotted them in the name of “the joke”.

But the biggest laugh of all?

These groups of supporters who chanted “Feed the Scousers” and “Sign On” in the last matches saw their team lose additional goals (Wolves 0 Liverpool 1, Everton 2 Arsenal 1), another were beaten to the ground (Liverpool 3 Newcastle 1), and last night conceded an equalizer in added time before losing on penalties (Liverpool 3 Leicester 3).

It was funny.

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