Scott Bakula says it could happen

Scott Bakula wears a cool leather jacket and Dean Stockwell smokes a cigar while wearing a bright yellow shirt in a Quantum Leap commercial.

Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula) and his AI hologram mate (Dean Stockwell) look set for another jump.
Picture: NBCUniversal

Dr Sam Beckett has speculated that a man can time travel in his lifetime, but could the beloved sci-fi series Quantum leap to return to the life of star Scott Bakula? The actor offers a firm “maybe”.

Quantum leap, which ran from 1989 to 1993 on NBC, starred Bakula as Beckett, who breaks away in time and begins to “jump” into other people alive. in other decades in order to resolve issues with Sacred Time, the regular timeline. It was and is a favorite cult show, and still nostalgically because of the abrupt season finale which declared Beckett stuck in time jumping forever (though a secret end, unused resurfaced only a few years ago). Of course, eternity is a long time – certainly long enough for a favorite cult TV series like Quantum leap to get a sequel or reboot, especially as networks and streaming services crave content.

Speaking on Bob Saget’s podcast Here for you (Going through THR), Bakula said: “There are some very important conversations going on about this right now. I don’t know what it would be. I don’t know who would have it. Rights have been a mess for years. I don’t even know if they are fixed now. This has always been the biggest complication. This is hardly an announcement, and it seems even Bakula is trying not to hope too much. However, in 2017, series creator and television mega-producer Donald P. Bellisario said he wrote a Quantum leap movie. And in January 2020, Jeff Bader, head of program planning and strategy at NBC, said /Movie that the network was considering a relaunch of its streaming service Peacock, which already airs both covers of the ’80s and’ 90s sitcom Punky brewster and Saved by the Bell, respectively.

Quantum leap It looks like it would be a pretty obvious choice to join the line-up. But I’m a little confused about his claim that there are rights issues with the show. Bellisario and NBCUniversal own the series, which is pretty straightforward unless there’s a misunderstanding between the two. The biggest rights issue the show has ever had was an endless amount of period music in the episodes. used, much of which was too expensive to license for home video and was omitted. But that wouldn’t be a problem for one Quantum leap restart or more.

So is Bakula intentionally obtuse? Is he confusing the problems with the old show and new potential? What does an “important conversation” really involve? Do we have one right now? All we know for sure is that 30 years later fans are still hoping to see Sam Beckett come home for good. Looks like Bakula is too.

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