Sam Neill and Christoph Waltz to star in “The Portable Door” film adaptation


Hollywood star Sam Neill, Christoph Waltz and Patrick Gibson will lead the cast of “The Portable Door”, a new fantasy adventure film adapted from Patrick Holt’s series of novels. According to Variety, the film is currently being shot in Queensland, Australia, with Jeffrey Walker directing it from a screenplay by Leon Ford.

The story revolves around two modest interns set up in a mysterious London company, JW Wells and Co., who gradually realize that their employers are anything but conventional. The charismatic villains who run the business are disrupting the world of magic by bringing modern business strategy to ancient magical practices. The film is a production of Jim Henson Company and Story Bridge Films and is produced by Blanca Lista of Henson and Todd Fellman of Story Bridge.

According to Variety, the film’s cast includes Miranda Otto, Chris Pang, Jessica De Gouw, Rachel House, Arka Das, Damon Herriman and newcomer Sophie Wilde. Lisa Henson and Chris Lytton of The Jim Henson Company are executive producers along with Gary Hamilton, Brian Beckmann and Ying Ye of Arclight Films, alongside Julia Stuart and Laura Grange of Sky, and Cailah Scobie and Shana Levine of Stan. (ANI)

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