Prime Minister Modi ties up with President Macron over Indo-Pacific | Latest India News

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a 90-minute one-on-one meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday evening at the Elysee Palace, focusing on the consequences and solutions to the war in Ukraine rather than the two countries’ respective positions with the two leaders. discuss ways to counter environmental degradation in the Indo-Pacific.

While Prime Minister Modi had an open exchange of thoughts ranging from strategy to philosophy with a trusted ally, his Foreign Minister, S Jaishankar had a separate discussion with his French counterpart Jean-Yves Le Drian and adviser to national security Ajit Doval, met separately with Florence Parly, French Minister of Defence. They then joined Modi and Macron for delegation-level talks.

It is understood that Modi shared his thoughts on the global consequences of the war in Ukraine and its impact on the food security of poorer countries. He clarified that it is not the stance on the war that counts, but the ability to press for solutions to the looming global crisis, with Russia refusing to end the war. Prime Minister Modi and President Macron have spoken with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to end the violence and demand peace.

Prime Minister Modi told President Macron that India was ready to provide food and cereals bilaterally to the poorest countries to fill the gap in world markets due to the war, but needed authorization from the WTO. Both leaders agreed on the threat posed by the looming food crisis and that the World Food Program and the UN would need support to feed the world’s poor.

Both leaders acknowledged the environment in the Indo-Pacific, with President Macron asking Prime Minister Modi what should be done bilaterally to counter belligerence and expansionist tendencies in the region. The two leaders are on the same page on the Indo-Pacific, with the two countries’ navies exercising frequently. The common threat, of course, is China.

The two leaders, with only interpreters in the room, also spoke about Afghanistan, Pakistan, terrorism and the global security environment.

As the two leaders had an in-depth discussion, Prime Minister Modi and President Macron’s top aides interacted with each other. It emerged from the meeting between Doval and Parly that France was more than ready to participate in the “Make in India” project by jointly manufacturing critical and emerging defense technologies in India, then exporting to third countries without any regime of export license.

HT learns that Modi was pleased with his short but important visit to France with all matters to follow with President Macron’s visit to India later this year and in the strategic dialogue to be held soon with a working group at the level of the NSA in charge of defense cooperation between the two very close allies.


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