Owaisi reacts to RSS chief, says Muslim fertility rate is down

AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi told RSS leader Mohan Bhagwat to ‘not worry’ as the Muslim population was ‘rather declining’ in the country, saying Indian Muslims were the ones who used contraceptives the most.

His remarks came days after Bhagwat called for a comprehensive population policy to ensure the growing population does not become a burden but can be used as a resource.

“Don’t worry. The Muslim population is not increasing. Rather it is decreasing…Who uses the most condoms? We do. Mohan Bhagwat won’t talk about that,” Owaisi said.

Addressing the annual RSS Vijayadashmi festival, Bhagwat called for a “comprehensive population policy” and said it should be applied equally to all. “Population control and demographic balance based on religion is an important subject that can no longer be ignored… A comprehensive population policy must therefore be put in place and must be equally applicable to all. This is not that while population control rules will work,” He had said.

Owaisi also denounced the recent viral video where minorities were allegedly beaten by officials in the streets.

“You could have taken them to the police station. But you chose to snatch their esteem and hit them straight in the streets. In a nation of 133 crores where 30 crores of Muslims exist, the dignity of a Muslim is less than a street dog.” he added.

On October 5, the leader of the RSS inaugurated the annual Dussehra celebrations and insisted on the equal application of population policy.

“It is true that the higher the population, the greater the burden. If the population is well used, it becomes a resource. We must also consider how many people our country can feed and support after 50 years. Demographic imbalance leads to shifts in geographical boundaries,” Bhagwat said.

He also advocated giving equal rights to women everywhere.

“To consider a woman as the mother is good, but to lock them in closed doors is not good. Women must be given equal rights to make decisions everywhere. All the work that maternal power can do and that man cannot do, they have so much power and therefore it is important to enlighten them, empower them and give them the freedom to work and participate in this way on an equal footing. equality at work,” he said.

“Power is the foundation of peace. The presence of a female lead guest has long been discussed,” the RSS chief added.

Bhagwat said government policies are leading the country towards self-reliance.

“The government is pursuing policies that lead to self-sufficiency. The importance and stature of Bharat has increased in the community of nations. In the field of security, we are becoming more and more self-sufficient. Our economy is returning to the pre – pandemic levels, which are expected to increase further. Sportsmen also bring laurels to the country,” he said.

Speaking about the importance of mother tongue in education, Bhagwat said English as a language “is not necessary for a career”.

“English is not necessary for a career. A career is built from different things. The government pays attention to this through the New Education Policy (NEP). But do parents want their children to be schooled in their mother tongue? Or in pursuit of so-called financial gain or a career, do they want their wards to be part of a blind race? When we expect the government to institute promoting the mother tongue, we should also consider whether we sign our names in our mother tongue or not,” he said.

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