Oregon State University welcomes its new president

Corvallis, OR — The new president of Oregon State University began her first week on the job with a press conference on Monday. Jayathi Murthy says she has a broad vision for the future of OSU, with students at the heart of the operation: “It’s really important for us to focus on student access and success . We are doing very well on the access front; we serve such a large population of students. And I would like to focus on increasing our graduation rates and ensuring that our students have a wonderful experience at OSU, but with great success and placement in the future.

Murthy says she takes registration and tuition seriously. “Certainly, our footprint on campus is really large. But, there is growing interest in our e-campus operation, which is truly unique. One of a kind. And there, we are witnessing a fairly significant growth in registrations. Through e-campus we can serve classes of non-traditional students and these are large populations, so I see us investing quite heavily in both our on-campus and e-campus operations,” said Murthy.

Murthy comes from the UCLA School of Engineering and says she is pleased with the work OSU has done to expand engineering opportunities, especially for women.