Newsfeed now: Bodycam video shows Gabby Petito discussing the fight with Brian Laundrie; TikTokers helps make the alliance


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(NEXSTAR) РGabby Petito told a Utah police officer her then-fianc̩ Brian Laundrie caught her during an argument in recently released body camera footage, but she said that she had started the physical fight.

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Having avoided a government shutdown, the House is now at work on adopting the president’s multibillion-dollar infrastructure plan. But the plan has seen some setbacks. House Democrats are aiming for a vote later on Friday.

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Rural Americans are dying from the virus at more than twice the rate of their urban counterparts, according to the Rural Policy Research Institute. Medical experts said populations are often poorer, sicker and heavier than people living in large cities. They also said that many people did not have access to quality health care offered in large metropolitan cities. In addition, many rural hospitals are simply overloaded and understaffed.

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The United States Drug Enforcement Administration has issued a public safety warning for fake drugs which are disguised as common pain relievers, but full of fentanyl. A mother said her son died with the drug in his body after taking what he believed to be pain relievers from a friend.

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Millions of Americans stress about debt every day. Millennials, the largest generation of living people, feel the effects more than others.

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Love was in the air this weekend in Chicago, where 50 couples celebrated their union at a special wedding in the iconic Wrigley Building. The wedding took place on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the building.

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Cliff jumping into the ocean, a Tik Tok video and a selfie. This isn’t usually the recipe for a great love story, but that’s exactly what happened last weekend on the island of Hawaii when two couples and a photographer found some love. ‘gold.

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