News Feed Now: US Olympians Prepare to Compete During Pandemic; Officer uses flea bag to save stabbed victim’s life

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The CDC says it is sticking to its guidelines for now that only unvaccinated people should wear masks to be safe and that vaccinated people can do without them. President Joe Biden said Thursday his administration would quote “follow the science” when it comes to updating mask guidelines, and took the opportunity to continue promoting the vaccines.

Health experts across the country are seeing a sharp increase in eating disorders among young people during the pandemic.

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Athletes prepare to compete during the Tokyo Olympics. They face the stressful pressures of COVID-19, and this year’s games may amplify mental health issues. Team USA athletes discuss how they are dealing with the pressure of success amid a global pandemic.

A 14-year-old girl has died after drowning at an Ohio theme park. Authorities say she fell into the water while on a water trampoline.

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New York cop is dubbed a hero for saving the life of a knife victim using an empty bag of chips and duct tape.

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A 6 year old girl has written a book that she hopes will inspire other children to be more confident.

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