New Line’s Salem’s Lot adaptation adds 3 kids to the cast

Reggie Nalder as Kurt Barlow in Salem's Lot in 1979.

Oh, vampires, when will you learn to leave the Midwest alone?
Picture: Warner Bros.

Stephen King’s 1975 horror novel Lot of Salem gets a big screen adaptation next year. The author has been in tears lately with the adaptation of his various books and short stories, from This and Pet Sematist. Heck, another just got announced Friday. from Salem is the story of a writer returning to his hometown to find inspiration for his next book, only to find that a vampire is on the prowl. And it can’t be a horror movie, or a work by King, without a few brave kids involved in the plot!

Hollywood journalist announced the three child actors who will be really in the thick of it. Actors Jordan Preston Carter, Nicholas Crovetti and Cade Woodward will play three of the endangered children of the Jerusalem Lot. Carter will play 12-year-old Mark Petrie, who will become one of the key players in the anti-vampire team; Crovetti stars as child vampire Danny Glick, enlisted to convert the rest of town; and Woodward will step in as Danny’s missing younger brother, Ralph. The trio join the cast with Lewis Pullman as author Ben Mears and Pilou Asbæk as vampire himself, Kurt Barlow.

Between their respective filmographies, the three actors are not new to seeing their lives in danger. Carter is one of the frontrunners of HBO Max DMZ mini series based on the DC comic book about America cut off from the rest of the world and turned into a war zone. Crovetti’s other horror credits include the upcoming remake of the 2014 Austrian film good night mom. Woodward went through the wringer the most: not only was he the kid who ripped off by aliens at the opening of A quiet place, he was one of Barton kids who sprinkled Avengers: Endgame. Tragic, but at least he’s back for Hawk Eye!

Lot of Salem has been staged a number of times since it was first released in 1975, but previous attempts have been relegated to television, like Rob Lowe’s 2004 version for TNT or the 1979 CBS miniseries. a sequel to the latter from 1987, directed by the late Larry Cohen.) This is its first time as an actual movie, and it has quite a pedigree behind it, with Gary Dauberman, who previously wrote the This duology and several films in the Conjuring the universe, writing and making the adaptation. Hope this is pretty good, and if it doesn’t Hollywood will just have to adapt one of 1378 other things King is written in his life.

Lot of Salem released on September 9, 2022.

Correction 10/2/2021, 12:30 p.m. ET: A previous version of this post incorrectly stated that Larry King directed the 1987 Lot of Salem sequel when it was actually Larry Cohen, and Richard Staker was the vampire when it was Kurt Barlow. Both have been updated.

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