Microsoft adds support for RSS feeds to its Security Update Guide Service

The Microsoft Security Update Guide site is an essential service when it comes to information about security information and updates released by Microsoft. Until now, users could register using an account to receive notifications about new vulnerabilities added to Microsoft’s database.

Microsoft decommissioned the old Security Notification Service in September 2022 in favor of a “modern Azure-based service” that requires sign-up with an account. The process allows customers to receive notifications about major and minor revisions. Microsoft published a one-page guide to registering and enabling notifications on the site.

Access to the Security Update Guide site does not require a Microsoft account. Starting this week, the Security Update Guide supports a new method of distributing security information: RSS.

Microsoft Remarks in the announcement that some of its customers have requested that RSS support be added to the site. RSS has been neglected by many Internet companies since its heyday, which ended with End of Google Reader by Google. Recently, RSS seems to be making a comeback of sorts. Even Google develops basic RSS reader support for its Chrome browser.

Microsoft’s implementation on its Security Updates Guide website allows anyone to subscribe to the main feed to receive notifications whenever Microsoft posts new information to the security site. The RSS feed option is prominently displayed on the Security Update Guide website. Clicking the icon loads the RSS feed XML file, or an option to immediately integrate it into an installed RSS feed, depending on how things are handled on the computer.

The address of the RSS feed is, and you can subscribe to it in any RSS feed reader. Note that there is no option to customize the broadcast stream; you cannot choose to receive information only about certain products, such as Windows Server or Microsoft Edge.

The RSS feed provided by Microsoft includes all updates published by Microsoft on its site. Although limited, some security researchers and administrators may prefer RSS, especially if they use it anyway.

Now you: RSS, emails, push notifications, apps or something else? How do you prefer to stay up to date?


Microsoft adds support for RSS feeds to its Security Update Guide Service

Article name

Microsoft adds support for RSS feeds to its Security Update Guide Service

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The Microsoft Security Update Guide service supports RSS feed notifications for new security information that Microsoft posts to the site.


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