Liberals on The Kashmir Files, assault on Dutch journalists, RSS feed issues

I am writing to you in response to a mail from a subscriber who said he/she was fed up with certain liberal elites. I have similar feelings. I would say I’m angrier with liberals than this subscriber. Take for example The Kashmir Files question, I watched the movie and I didn’t feel that it demonized Muslims. I feel outnumbered in liberal circles with this view. A lot of attention has been devoted to comments on slogans in theaters. My impression, based on many reports I have read, is that these incidents mostly occurred in the NCR area. Outside of the NCR, I found few examples of such slogans.

Also, I found that the “rare sane opinion”, as per your tagline article, was the overall opinion of moviegoers. Liberals confuse all moviegoers with people who shout hateful slogans who (according to reports) belong to a Hindu organization.

I want to ask: in your opinion, are people who don’t find this film problematic Islamophobic?



Hi NL Team,

I will be brief. I recently watched Rana Ayyub’s interview on a YouTube channel called Not scripted. She pointed out that she had asked all major media houses to release her recordings of her undercover work related to the Gujarat riots. But no one accepted the same.

Madhu Trehan had at that time, while working at Newslaundrythat she offered to release such tapes during her interview with Rana Ayyub but declined and such an offer was videotaped – a claim Ayyub has and something even I don’t could find on the video also, at least on the one that is available on the Newslaundry channel. Would you mind purifying the air?

I’ve followed your work since the days of Clothesline and really believe in it, so some clarification would be much appreciated.




I want you to develop an Android application for NL.



I’m based in Sydney and have been a subscriber for about a year. I love the work you do, especially in the area of ​​media accountability. Absolutely essential work. Manisha is a total legend :).

I know people got frustrated with the podcast app rollout, but I have a simple workaround that works pretty well. I just download the podcast and then add it to my podcast app (I use Podcast Addict, but I’m sure it works on other apps). It allows the same playback functionality, and it’s really not a big effort. Keep up this good work!




Scrolling down the post of your latest episode of Hafta, the page suggested a free trial option with the message “You will be charged Rs 10,000 per month after this.” This of course appears to be a typo, as your actual subscription rates are much less, the highest being Rs 10,000 per year.

I just wanted to bring this to your attention as it could seriously put off potential subscribers.

Cheers 🙂



It was nice to see that Vivek Agnihotri is subscribed to Newslaundry, even if it’s under the alias Pawan. I can’t imagine who else would defend Agnihotri of all peoples, at the expense of the BJP!



Hello team. I’m so sorry for what Shivangi and Rounak went through on Sunday. I hope you find time on Hafta to discuss the incident. My own concern is that in the future these attacks will be part of a strategy. After all, if journalists are routinely attacked while reporting on hate rallies, their superiors will prevent them from attending those rallies, allowing these hate mongers to flourish unhindered.

Moreover, since there are very few honest journalists in the field, such a strategy can be executed without too much difficulty. Do you think this is already happening or are we far from such a situation? As always, I support NL.




Hello everyone in NL. I had let my subscription expire because your Hafta podcast was going from bad to worse. Your usual panel called it, literally and figuratively.

Also, it didn’t help that Manisha and Abhinandan repeatedly interrupted the guest panelists! Abhinandan, why are your questions longer than their answers?!! Why??

I renewed my subscription for Dutch journalists facing criticism and fury simply for doing their job. Also, Abhinandan looked too cute and fragile on NDTV with Ravish Ranjan Shukla. Sorry for the long mail. Stay strong. Stay true.



Hi team,

I recently renewed my Game Changer tier membership and my old RSS feed stopped working. When I try to copy the link of NL Hafta from my subscription page, it doesn’t work either. I use Podcast Addict for my podcasts. Could you help provide a link that would be compatible with the app please?

Thanks in advance!

Good for you,

Abishek Vatsa