KRQE News Feed: No Policy Change, BCSO TV Show Concern, Mild Weather, Tourism Rebound, Interesting Visitor

Wednesday’s Best Stories

The five facts of Wednesday

[1] Advocates denounce failed vote on new harassment procedure – What some lawmakers call a “broken policy” on sexual harassment at the rotunda remains as it is. Lawmakers rejected a proposal that would have made it easier to advance an investigation into complaints against lawmakers. Currently, if a lawmaker is accused of harassment, a committee of two Democrats and two Republicans decides whether to proceed. If they fail to find probable cause or a tie vote, the case is at a standstill and the committee does not have to divulge details. Officials say that while lawmakers consider changes to the anti-harassment policy, they should work with lawyers and create an independent process to investigate allegations. [2] Should Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Deputies be on reality TV? –The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office’s participation in the national television program “On Patrol: Live” raises concern from a citizen-led review panel. Some scenes with BCSO show relatively low-key interactions, such as traffic stops and sheriff’s deputies arresting someone with a warrant, but the show usually includes some chases. BCSO says they continue to receive “overwhelming support” on social media regarding the show. The use of unique logos and images on BCSO vehicles is also under consideration. The images, selected by cadets at the training academy, depict class mascots, according to BCSO. [3] Sunshine and dry weather across New Mexico – Today will be a gorgeous fall day across the state. High temperatures will be seasonal, with sunshine and dry weather for all. The weather remains calm, dry and mild until Friday. Isolated storm hazards arrive in western NM on Saturday, and widespread rain enters the state on Sunday, accompanied by a large cooling. [4] Tourism in Albuquerque rebounds – Visit Albuquerque says tourism revenue has fallen about 80% during the pandemic. However, those numbers rebound after the city introduced itself to millions. Visit Albuquerque wanted to attract travelers to Albuquerque by launching a million dollar marketing campaign. The campaign included advertisements on billboards, advertisements and social media. It reached nearly 590 million people. They say the city sees over 6 million visitors in a typical year who contribute over $2 billion to our city. [5] Los Alamos Family Receives Interesting Visitor – A Los Alamos family received an interesting visitor they recently filmed. Dan Sena’s ring camera captured a bear visiting their garden last week. The bear is having fun playing with a soccer ball that was in the yard. Sena says her garden attracts a lot of wildlife.