Kansas Voters Just Rewrote the Midterm Election Script

The Dobbs The Kansas referendum decision and result will continue to fuel an ongoing debate within the Democratic Party. Some Democratic strategists have argued that the Dobbs

decision would activate voters in a way otherwise impossible for a party with a president whose approval numbers are underwater in a cycle where the historic precedent is with Republicans.

“All Democrats still on the sidelines worried about abortion politics need to watch *KANSAS* for a reality check,” said Mike Ollen, campaign manager for Illinois Governor JB Pritkzer, tweeted.

Yet Democrats are also loath to say that even if there is a silver lining in the nation’s highest court striking down a law protecting abortion across the country. Still, Tuesday’s returns were encouraging for Democrats. In Johnson County, Kansas, as of 10:48 p.m. ET, the tally was about 72% voting no in the referendum and 28% voting yes. Johnson County is the most populous in the state. In comparison, Joe Biden to beat

Donald Trump in Johnson County with about 53% of the vote to Trump’s 44%. The fact that the referendum went so much stronger than Biden is a sign that there may well be a hidden army of voters out there who are going to make reproductive rights the focus of these midterms. As former Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill said on MSNBC on Tuesday night: “This should be a big flashing signal for all Democratic candidates.”