@HPCpodcast: HPC Storage Rock Star Gary Grider explains how we got here and where we’re going

Shahin and I are in violent agreement: if you’re interested in high-performance storage, if you’re interested in a major milestone in the development of HPC storage technology over the past 30 years, if you want to take a look at future advancements in HPC storage technology, then this is an @HPCpodcast episode for you.

Our special guest is Gary Grider, HPC storage rock star, head of the High Performance Computing Division at Los Alamos National Laboratory, and a leader in advanced storage solutions for four decades. Grider has led, driven, helped fund, instigated, influenced, and otherwise significantly impacted almost every storage technology out there, from Chandelier for burst pads for Ceph (software-defined object storage) for computer storage to the Great Unified Index of Files (GUFI) And so on. Topics covered include how storage is evolving with AI and what’s next in HPC storage.

We also offer “Top of the News”, which includes Quantum Computing and Quantiniuum measures exceeding the quantum volume of 4096, investigation of war crimes in Ukraine using facial recognition, video analysis in streaming and other open source AI and intelligence techniques, a funding opportunity for Mathematical Multifaceted Integrated Capability Centers and quarterly revenue from TSMC.

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