@HPCpodcast: 2021 – What a year!

It has been a fascinating year for the HPC industry – but so is it all year, right? In this @HPCpodcast year-end special, we discuss the ups and downs, megatrends and top news events of 2021 – and what we should be looking for in 2022.

Among the topics covered: COVID and HPC, the first exascale systems, the challenges of high-performance computing software, the consolidation of HPC-AI convergence, the expansion of the range of chip architectures, the HPC cloud, the diversity in HPC, high performance storage and interconnects. We also take a look at major industry developments, such as Pat Gelsinger’s takeover of Intel and M&A activity, starting with NVIDIA’s attempted acquisition of Arm Ltd.

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We appreciate your suggestions for special topics and guest commentators. Do not hesitate to contact Doug or Shahin.

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