How to Use iOS Shortcuts to Create a Custom RSS Reader 2021 Tips


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Check out how you can use iOS shortcuts to create a custom RSS reader

The Shortcuts app on iOS is one of the most powerful but overlooked tools available on any iPhone or iPad today. However, just because it has gone unnoticed by the vast majority of users, doesn’t mean you should pass up its powerful capabilities.

RSS readers may seem like an echo of the past, but they can still serve as a powerful tool for reading headlines without having to deal with all the other fluff you will come across while scouring social media for your information.

If you want to easily see the latest headlines from your favorite news sources just by tapping an icon or just quickly summoning Siri, follow her.

Here’s how to create a custom RSS feed reader using shortcuts.

  • Open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap the + icon at the top to create a new shortcut.
  • In the search bar, find and select the Choose from menu action.

Once you are in this step, you will be given two article lines by default – the number of articles you choose will be the number of news sources you get feeds from, so if you have four websites top favorites, be sure to add four items in total.

After that, make sure to rename all the items to the names of the media you will be using so that you can easily identify them when the shortcut is up and running.

Then add the URL action under each of the items we added in the previous step. This URL box is where you will need to paste the RSS feed links for accompanying websites. If you don’t know where to find RSS information for a specific media, Feedspot is an easy-to-use website that helps you easily find the RSS link you’ll need for this shortcut to work.

Now, at the end of your shortcut, add the Get RSS Feed Items action. By default, it will be configured to extract 10 titles from each media, but if you want to adjust that number, now is your chance.

To follow that up, add the Filter Safari Articles action and (presumably) you’ll want to set the Sort By setting to Date Posted and then the Sort option to Latest First. This ensures that you will see recent news first, not 2010 news.

Final steps

Finally, you are ready to put the finishing touches.

Close this shortcut by adding the Choose from List action, then end it with a simple Open URLs trigger.

And it’s! Your own personalized RSS feed reader without unwarranted baby photos or weirdly intrusive ads.


Final Words: How to Use iOS Shortcuts to Create a Custom RSS Reader

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