How to Track Websites in Google Chrome (2021)

Last month, Google announced a new experimental feature that allows users to follow any website in Chrome, essentially eliminating the need for a dedicated RSS reader app on their smartphones. The software giant is initially testing the functionality on Chrome for Android. In this article, we will see how you can enable Web Feeding right now and follow websites in Google Chrome.

Track websites in Google Chrome (2021)

Chrome’s tracking functionality is rolling out gradually. At the moment, it’s hidden behind a feature indicator in Chrome. Additionally, it is being rolled out for users in the United States. That said, here’s how to activate and try out the new “Web Feed” RSS reader functionality in Google Chrome right now.

To note: At the time of writing this article, if you live outside of the US, you might not see Chrome’s tracking feature even after you enable the flag. If you want to test this feature before its official release, you can get a VPN app for Android and upgrade to a US Google Play account. You can follow our guide on installing Android apps not available in your country.

Steps to Enable Web Feed RSS Reader in Google Chrome

1. Open Google Chrome on your Android device and visit chrome: // flags.

2. In the search box at the top of the page, type “Web feed” and choose “Enabled” from the drop-down menu next to the Chrome flag. You can also go directly to the Chrome flag by pasting the following address into the Chrome address bar:


web feed chrome flag

3. After activating the Chrome flag, do not forget to restart the browser. You will now see a new “Next” section on the new Chrome tab page when you reopen the browser. For detailed steps on how to track websites and add them to web feed in Chrome, see the next section.

Track Google Chrome Websites - Follow Google Chrome Websites RSS Feed

How to use web feed to track websites in Google Chrome

Getting started with Chrome Web Feed is easy once you’ve activated it. Here’s how to add sites to your following list and manage them in Chrome:

1. Visit your favorite website and tap the vertical three-dot menu in the upper right corner. In the contextual menu, press the new “Follow” button which appears with the website URL and favicon.

track websites in chrome - Track RSS feed for Google Chrome websites

2. Go back to the new tab page and you will now see a drop down feed of the website articles you just added in reverse chronological order. Especially, Chrome will display the AMP version of the website.

Track Google Chrome websites

3. To manage the websites you have tracked, tap the gear icon next to the Tracking tab and choose “Manage”.

manage websites in Chrome web feed - Follow Google Chrome websites RSS feed

4. Under Manage settings, press “Next”, and you can now opt out of following websites that you no longer want to see in your feed. To stop following a website’s RSS feed in Chrome, simply click on the check mark next to the website name.

manage the sites you follow

Browse a website’s RSS feeds in Google Chrome

This is how you can follow websites with Chrome’s Follow feature. As mentioned earlier, this is still in the testing phase and will take some time to roll out to general users. If you want to try more Chrome-related features, check out our guides on how to enable the built-in price tracker in Chrome, disable FLoC in Chrome, and delete your Google account from Chrome as well.