How to Set Conversations Priority in Android (and Why You Should)

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I can’t lie…I missed conversations on Android. It happens. Most often I get this because I accidentally cleared all notifications without realizing there was a message I hadn’t seen, or it just got buried in the deluge of Messenger messages and chats.

Thankfully, starting with Android 11, Google added a feature that helps make sure you don’t miss those more important conversations.

The feature in question is called Priority Conversations. Once you prioritize a conversation, it will have its own section in the notification shade, making it easier to capture.

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In some cases (like with Facebook Messenger), these conversations will be placed in bubbles that will appear and stay on your home screen until you delete them.

Using Priority Conversations, I haven’t missed a single important missive since.

Before diving into this, think carefully about which conversations you want to add first. If you add too many conversations to the feature, you will be inundated anyway and will probably miss in the end. For this, choose wisely.


As I mentioned, this feature arrived in Android 11, so you’ll need a device running at least that OS version. You will also need some conversations to add, which can be pulled from Android Messages app, Facebook Messenger, Slack, WhatsApp, etc. That’s all you need. Let’s make it a priority.

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How to Add Priority Conversations on Android

The first thing you are going to do is enable Bubble conversations. Although this is not a requirement, it does mean that conversations you add from bubble-enabled apps will then cause any conversations added as a priority to appear which will then appear as floating bubbles on your screen. ‘welcome. To enable bubbles, go to Settings > Notifications > Bubbles. In the resulting screen, press the ON/OFF slider until it is in the ON position.

The ON/OFF slider of the Bubble function.

Enable Bubble feature in Android 13.

Image: Jack Wallen

Now let’s add conversations to the list. To do this, go to Settings > Notifications > Conversations. In the resulting window, you will find three sections:

  • Priority conversations: Conversations that you have set as priority.
  • Non-priority conversations: conversations you’ve made changes to (for example, moving them to priority and out of priority).
  • Recent Conversations: Recent conversations that have never been added to the priority.

The list of conversations that can be added to the Priority section.

Here you will find three sections of conversations: priority, non-priority and recent.

Image: Jack Wallen

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To add a conversation to the priority, locate it in the list of unprioritized or recent conversations and tap it to display the options. You should see Priority, Default, and Silent. You’ll also see options for Bubble This Conversation, Screen Pop, Sound Setup, Show Notification Dot, and Vibrate. Make sure to at least press Priority for the conversation and then customize it to your needs.

The notification settings window for a conversation in Android 13.

A conversation is easily added to the priority list in Android.

Image: Jack Wallen

At this point, the conversations you’ve added to the priority list will appear (at least) in the Priority section of the notification shade or as bubbles on your home screen. It’s a great way to make sure you don’t miss any of those contacts who should be considered a priority.