How To Send RSS Feeds To A Channel MS Teams 2022 Tip

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Check how to send RSS feeds to an MS Teams channel

Companies are rapidly moving towards creating virtual environments where employees can work from home with the right communication and productivity tools. To help them, companies like Microsoft often add new features to their Microsoft Teams collaboration software. Among the many tools to keep everyone on a team up to date, Microsoft Teams allows you to add RSS feeds to a team channel so that everyone on the team can get product updates, announcements, etc., through a syndicated feed. may include any internal or external resources that the team may use. Microsoft Teams is a great platform for communicating with your team.

Integrate RSS feeds to automatically push updated content to your workspace and share it with your team. MS Teams allows as many RSS feeds as needed to connect. At the heart of the Microsoft Teams app are team channels – this is where most of the action takes place. Each team starts with a general channel. As the name suggests, use this channel to discuss common topics related to the team’s goal. Channels facilitate teamwork by allowing users to share ideas and collaborate on documents in real time to bring those concepts to life. And with the recent rise of the distributed workplace, finding effective ways to collaborate remotely has never been more important.

How to add RSS feeds to a Microsoft Teams channel

  • In, select the feed or package you want to share and copy the code snippet.
  • In MS Teams, add the RSS feed to your channel. Open Applications and type “RSS” in the search bar. Select the RSS app.
  • Click the Add to Team button.
  • Type the name of the channel to which you want to connect the application.
  • Finish by clicking on the Configure connector button.
  • Paste the URL from step 1 into the RSS feed address field, give your RSS feed a name (this will be the name of the summary) and choose the refresh rate. Save the configuration.
    • Please note that refresh rates are independent of each service. will update your feed and MS Teams will pull the updated feed content.
  • Your RSS feed is now integrated into your Microsoft Teams channel!
  • To add more sources to an existing channel, select the required channel and click on the connectors.
  • Click configure to configure the new stream.

Final Words: How to Send RSS Feeds to an MS Teams Channel

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