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This video which was shared on Instagram hilariously shows how a cow is fed a strawberry in order to make strawberry milk.

Videos on the internet that show the cutest animals doing even cuter things are a guaranteed pleasure to watch. Just like this video which was shared by the Instagram page named Animal and involves a cute cow. The video went viral and brought smiles to people along the way.

The video opens to show a cute cow that has brown and white spots all over her body. As the video progresses, it can be seen that the cow is being fed something by the person recording this video. It’s a beautiful, red, perfectly formed strawberry that netizens just couldn’t stop liking.

The text inserted into the video helps viewers understand exactly what was happening in the video, or at least a hilarious version of it. It reads: “Make Strawberry Milk”. The video was shared on Instagram with a cute caption that read, “This is the only way to do it.” The caption was accompanied by emojis of a glass of milk and a strawberry.

Watch the video right here:

The video was posted on Instagram just over two days ago and since then it has garnered several comments from people who kept saying “aww” and laughing out loud at this hilarious video of animals . It has also received over 1.1 million views to date.

One Instagram user wrote: “Authentic Strawberry Milk”. The comment was accompanied by a cow emoji. “You don’t make strawberry chocolate milk?” asks another comment, referring to the fact that the cow was brown. A third comment read, “Such a cute moo moo.”

What do you think of this cute video of a cow?

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