How to Fix “Windows Update Errors” Issue in Windows 11 PC 2022

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Check How to Fix “Windows Update Errors” Issue on Windows 11 PC

Let us figure out how to fix Windows update for Windows 11 issues. Basic troubleshooting steps to fix Windows update for Windows 11 issues are shared in this document. Most upgrade issues are resolved by simply restarting your Windows 11 PC. Upgrading to Windows 11 is only possible if your PC meets the minimum hardware requirements. Windows Update is essential to keep Windows 11 safe. Known issues/bugs in Windows 11 will be fixed with the latest updates.

Windows update problems can have many reasons. First, you need to connect the Windows 11 PC to the Internet to get updates. Also, always turn on the power when trying to perform a Windows 11 upgrade. It is recommended that you back up your personal data before attempting the following steps. Windows 10 activation is not required to get Windows updates. I think Windows 11 will also have the same experience. I don’t think windows updates for windows 11 require windows activation. However, Windows 11 activation is required for changing wallpaper/background and some other functions.

Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

Windows Update Troubleshooter is a tool specially designed to troubleshoot the update process. This troubleshooter won’t necessarily fix all update errors, but it can fix a number of update issues. Since it’s a simple troubleshooting method, Windows Update troubleshooting is always worth a try. This is how you can launch this troubleshooter in Windows 11.

  • Click Start and select to open the Settings app pinned to the menu.
  • Select Troubleshoot from the System tab in Settings.
  • Then click Other troubleshooters to display Windows 11 troubleshooting tools.
  • Click Run option for Windows Update Troubleshooter.

Run a system file scan

Windows update errors can occur due to corrupted system files. System File Checker is one of the best tools included in Windows 11 to repair system files. This command line utility will check the integrity of system files and replace damaged ones. You can run an SFC scan with the command prompt like this.

  • Right-click on the Start menu button to select and open Windows Terminal (Admin).
  • Click the Open New Tab button and select Command Prompt from the menu.
  • Enter this deployment image service command and press Return:
    • DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup Image /RestorehealthQ
  • To start an SFC scan, type the following command and press Enter:
  • Wait for the SFC scan to finish and show a result in the command prompt.

Check that the Windows Update service is enabled and running

  • Press Win + R to open the Run dialog box.
  • Type services in the Open box.
  • Click OK to open Services.
  • Double click on the Windows Update service.
  • Make sure Automatic is the Startup type option selected.
  • Click Start if the service is not running.
  • Click the Apply button to save the new options.
  • Then click on the OK option in the window.

Check and free disk storage space

  • Although the space is reserved for Windows Updates, problems can still arise when there is very little free storage space on your hard drive. Therefore, make sure there is at least a few gigabytes of space available on your PC’s C: drive (or primary partition) for updates. Check the remaining space by clicking This PC in File Explorer to see the drive storage icon displayed directly below.
  • If this icon indicates that your storage drive is more than 90% full, you need to free up space on it. The best way to free up hard drive or SDD storage space is to uninstall larger software packages that you don’t need. Also run a Disk Cleanup scan to remove unnecessary files.

Clean startup windows

  • Start Run by right-clicking the Start button on the taskbar and selecting its shortcut from the Power User menu.
  • Type msconfig in the Open box and select the OK option.
  • Uncheck the box for the Load Startup option. However, the options Load system services and Use original startup configuration must be selected there.
  • Select Hide all Microsoft services from the Services tab displayed directly below.
  • Click Disable All to remove all listed third-party services from startup.
  • Press the Apply button and click OK to exit MSConfig.
  • Select Restart in the dialog box message that will open after MSConfig is closed.
  • Try updating Windows 11 after restarting.

Final Words: How to Fix “Windows Update Errors” on Windows 11 PC

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