Horror Monsters Versus Pregnant Women Home Shorts

A woman in a white nightgown looks over her shoulder in fear.

In an isolated, 19th century Irish home for single mothers, the cold wind howls so wildly at night that it looks like something sinister lurks in the surrounding forest. Like a very young pregnant woman (Alex Essoe de Mike Flanaganit’s Midnight Mass) discovers—”sinister” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

L. Gustavo Cooper’s horror short is just under six minutes long, but it packs atmosphere from the first frame, the stakes couldn’t be higher, and Essoe is an instantly likeable protagonist. The House also talks about the carefully used power of darkness and spooky sound effects. Check it out!

The Housewhich passes by To modifyis set in Ireland but was filmed in Pasadena, California, which speaks to the use of dark film, special effects that set the mood. It almost feels like the prologue to a longer story, something exploring the origin of the “trowies” and whether or not the nuns who run the establishment – who appear escape unscathed, though seemingly kindly the priest was grilled—could be in their nap baby frenzy. It is certain it seems to reverse the roles creatures is the logical rhythm of the following story, but what make you do you think what happens next? Let us know in the comments!

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