HEPA enclosures for Camfil CleanSeal terminals

Camfil’s CleanSeal range of HEPA terminal boxes are designed for controlled environments and available in a variety of ceiling and wall configurations for supply and exhaust air applications, with custom adaptations to meet individual needs.

Supply applications can include immunosuppression areas, clean spaces, operating theaters, installation and recovery areas, and sterile storage areas. Escape applications can include isolation chambers, cytotoxic areas, research / laboratory areas, pathology areas, and cyclotron / nuclear medicine areas.

Each CleanSeal terminal HEPA enclosure is fully welded for reliable, leak-free performance. One-person installation and maintenance is made possible by the innovative hinged access plate, tool-less filter retention clips, and the integrated filter retainer and pre-position system that securely holds the filter in place. security without additional assistance.

Designed to handle all available Camfil Megalam HEPA panel filter models and sizes, CleanSeal has built-in filter scaling options to allow adaptable filter configurations as cleanroom requirements change.

CleanSeal configuration options include top or side inlet, polyurethane gasket or Camfil gel gaskets, interchangeable faceplates for ceiling housings, interchangeable doors for exhaust housings with or without pre-filters, gas doors ‘extraction for wall boxes with or without pre-filters, dampers and insulation.

For more information: https://www.camfil.com/en-au/products/housings-frames–louvers/terminal-housing/cleanseal.