HealthDay Consumer News Feed Service

Media outlets such as WebMD, US News and World Report, and Merck Manual, among others, use the HealthDay Consumer News feed service because they realize that although they have certain areas of expertise, they don’t have the resources to cover all the health news.

What is HealthDay’s consumer news service?

HealthDay’s consumer newsfeed service is the nation’s largest health newsfeed, delivering more than 15 research-based stories daily. Our syndicated health news is updated seven times a day (twice a day on holidays and weekends). The stories, each between 600 and 800 words, are sourced from peer-reviewed medical journals, research centers, industry conferences, government reports (including the FDA), and information from major healthcare providers. Health care. Our award-winning writers and editors create news suitable for anyone with a high school diploma.

Why do major medical media and hospitals use the HealthDay news service?

Sites such as WebMD, US News and World Report, and Merck Manual, among others, use our consumer news because they realize that while they have certain areas of expertise, they lack the resources to cover all health news.

Hundreds of hospitals and health insurance networks around the world turn to HealthDay because they know that better patient outcomes lead to huge cost savings. They also know that the only way to change customer behavior is to provide regular, reliable and engaging content.

Our clients also use HealthDay’s Health News Feed for a number of marketing campaigns, including customer acquisition, customer engagement through targeted insights, and targeted personalized insights to drive behavior change.

How it’s delivered:

HealthDay’s consumer newsfeed service includes more than 3,750 stories per year, each tagged with multiple keywords to enable indexing and easy grouping to meet each customer’s specialty. We’re also proud to offer content delivery options to suit almost any circumstance, including XML, API, direct upload and even a JavaScript widget that simply needs to be dropped onto your page to display the news feed from live health from HealthDay.


  • 15 High Quality Everyday Health Articles
  • Award-winning writers and editors
  • 600-800 words
  • Balanced, unbiased, research-based health information
  • List article references
  • Links to further reading
  • Ideal for customer acquisition or customer engagement