Halloween Kills, Stephen King movie, more horror

Good ol 'Sheriff Brackett is back in Halloween Kills.

The return of Michael Myers is in a few weeks, and one of the studios behind Halloween kills I would like you to be as excited as possible for this release, as well as all of his other horror projects that are currently underway. It didn’t hurt that it’s officially the scariest month of the year, I guess. Blumhouse‘s BlumFest 2021 highlighted not only the latest entry in the slasher franchise, but a bunch of other titles, including brand new announcements.

First up, here’s “Back to Haddonfield,” a new feature for Halloween kills– with star Jamie Lee Curtis and other members of the cast and crew talking about how the new one brings back actors and characters from the 1978 horror classic. In a brief clip from the film, we let’s see Charles “Sheriff Brackett” Cyphers repeat his iconic “a good scare” line from the original.

Halloween fans can visit Blumhouse Youtube channel Where Facebook page later today to see a live intro (8 p.m. PT) and post-film Q&A with producer Jason Blum and director David Gordon Green (approximately 10 p.m. PT) in conjunction with the film screening at Beyond Gender-based Fest in Hollywood, CALIFORNIA.

As for the rest of BlumFest, you can check out the feed below; it features a conversation with Renée Zellweger about her upcoming limited TV series, The thing about Pam, which will be released on NBC in 2022. It’s more real crime than horror, but here’s the synopsis: “NBC’s and Blumhouse Television’s The thing about Pam is based on the murder of Betsy Faria in 2011 which resulted in the conviction of her husband Russ, although he insisted that he had not killed her. His conviction was then quashed. This brutal crime sparked a chain of events that would reveal an evil plan deeply involving Pam Hupp. Here are some other announcements from today’s event:

  • “The First Major Collaboration Between Tyler Perry Studios and Jason Blum’s Blumhouse Productions,” a thriller titled To help which will be written and directed by Alan McElroy (Star Trek: discovery, wrong turn).
  • John Logan’s untitled directorial debut feature (Alien: Covenant, Skyfall, Penny Dreadful), which will air exclusively on Peacock.
  • Focus on the quartet of thrillers and horror films “Welcome to the Blumhouse”, Bingo hell and Black as the night (premiering today on Amazon Prime) and The manor and Madres (October 8 on Amazon Prime); read previous cover of the series by io9 here, with more to come.
  • Premiere dates for writer-director Alex McAulay A house on the Bayou (November 19) and that of director Ali LeRoi American refugee (December 10), the first two films in a series of eight “high standalone genre horror / thriller films” created in collaboration between Blumhouse Television and Epix. The films will be streamed on Epix and available for digital purchase from Paramount Home Entertainment.
  • A Conversation with Director Rob Savage (Host), whose latest film, Dash Cam, is currently touring the festival.
  • And another new movie announcement: Donald Sutherland and Jaeden Martell have been chosen Mr. Harrigan’s phone, written and directed by John Lee Hancock, based on the short story by Stephen King. Production begins this month – Blumhouse and Ryan Murphy are producing – and will be available on Netflix globally in 2022. “

Plus, it’s not specifically part of BlumFest, but it’s still something very cool to check out this month: Revelations, a new cult end-of-the-world podcast from Blumhouse Television and Vespucci and hosted by our former Gizmodo colleague Jennings Brown, who is currently at The Gateway. As Deadline reports, “The six-part series tells the story of the Fellowship of Friends, which was founded by Robert Earl Burton, an East Bay teacher who began preaching in a van in Berkeley in the 1960s before founding fraternity in 1970 and build it. up to about 2,500 members. The group successfully ran Renaissance Vineyard and Winery between 1982 and 2015. ”It premieres October 3 on Spotify.

Halloween kills arrives on Peacock and in theaters October 15.

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