Follow Open Access – News

As the fall semester begins and we welcome our students and faculty back to classes, we hope you are also excited about scholarly communications and open access. Exciting plans to make research and creative production more accessible to users seem to be announced every day, and it can get difficult to keep up with everything that’s going on in the open access world. To help our readers, we offer three resources that can be used to keep track of developments and projects that may be of interest to them.

The first resource is Open Access Monitoring Project (OATP). The OATP is a crowd-sourced project that seeks “(1) to create real-time alerts for OA-related news and commentary, and (2) to organize domain knowledge, by tag or subtopic, for easy searching and sharing. The project maintains a variety of feeds, from the general and comprehensive feed for all open access topics and news to feeds related to individual or specific topics or projects. The feed can be followed via an RSS reader, or it has a Twitter account.

The OATP is part of the Harvard Open Access Project (HOAP), which can be a valuable resource in itself. Although no longer funded by grants, the project is still active and offers free consultations and maintains a webpage of helpful resources. These resources cover a variety of topics, including best practices for universities writing open access policies, books on open access and how to make open access work, and reference pages on federal legislation.

Finally, it’s no surprise that social media can be a place to learn about OA projects and developments, although the sheer number of results can be daunting and the source should always be considered when reading. ‘an announcement. The Open access directory keep a list of social media sites about OA. The list includes links to groups and streams on major social media platforms and in a variety of languages.

Open Access is a big topic with lots of announcements and new developments. If you have questions about making your past or current projects available for open access, wish to include your documents in our institutional repository UIS Redor if you have any questions about scholarly communications or related topics, we hope you will contact the Milner Library Scholarly Communications team at [email protected]