Facebook tests new animations when sharing a post in the News Feed


Facebook is testing a new way to make your shared feed posts stand out, with animated graphics that appear on the post as users scroll.

As shown in this video from a social media expert Matt Navarre, thanks to this new process, when you go to share a Facebook post in your news feed, you will have the option to add a colorful animation and / or a background to add to your shared update.

As you can see, there are different animations and backgrounds to choose from.

Once you’ve added the chosen animation (if you want), it will then be shown to other users when they scroll through your update in their feed.

The feature appears to be in limited testing – you can see in the first video above that when it’s available you’ll see a new “Share your reaction in a message” notifier at the bottom of the main visual.

It’s kind of like a Stories-style response option for regular feed posts, adding another element to the process to ideally help increase engagement. And sure, that will make the messages stand out – but again, if everyone starts using them, it might get a little overwhelming to have all those emojis and smiley confetti animations spitting at you as you scroll.

But Facebook would have the data on the post sharing rate, and it would know that shared posts contribute little to most people’s overall activity. As such, the risks in this sense are likely low, but any generic additions are likely to age quickly once everyone else has access to them.

For brands, the option could also provide a way to boost your promotions through UGC. By collaborating with the right people, you could get them to re-share your latest updates with their followers, with these new animations attached, which could help draw more attention to your initiatives.

That is, of course, if he gets a full launch. We’ve asked Facebook for more details on the option, and the test / launch pool for it, and we’ll update this post if / when we get a response.