Exclusive: Alex Segura’s Secret Comic-Noir identity cover revealed

The Lethal Lynx, the comic book heroine at the heart of Alex Segura's new noir detective story, Secret Identity.

The Lynx is on the lookout!
Picture: Sandy Jarrell and Taylor Esposito / Flatiron Books

From the harsh criminal worlds of Pierre Fernandez series to the galaxy far, far away to map the young life of Star wars” Poé Dameron, Alex Segura is perhaps best known to comic book fans for his work at Archie Comics and now Oni, but his latest novel combines both sides of his professional career, and now io9 takes a peek inside.

io9 is excited to reveal the first look at the cover of Secret identity, Segura’s Last Black Adventure. Published by Flatiron Books, Secret identity brings Segura’s penchant for mystery thrillers to the comic book industry. “Secret identity combines two of my passions—comics and black– in one story, ”Segura said in a statement provided to io9. “I knew when the idea first came to me that I not only wanted to tell a novel set in comics, I wanted the comics themselves to be part of the story, with real footage. of comics nested within the narrative. “

Illustration for the article titled Discover the Comic World of Alex Segura's Secret Neo-Noir Identity

Picture: Iron books

Secret identity follows a queer writer named Carmen Valdez, who aspires to break into the comic book industry with an idea for a new series of female superheroes, The Deadly Lynx. But when Carmen’s partner is murdered and her idea of Deadly lynx stolen, published without her name, Carmen finds herself in a tangle web of old grievances and secrets among a field of fellow comic book creators, battling her own demons to find out who killed her partner and stole her story. In addition to weaving Carmen’s story through a traditional novel, Segura teamed up with artist and letterer Sandy Jarrell and Taylor Esposito to bring Carmen’s heroine, Lethal Lynx, to comic book life at the breast of Secret identity with a series of comic book pages inserted throughout the book, a few of which you can also see below, debuting here on io9!

“As we experiment with Carmen and her collaborators to create and tell the story of the Lynx, we will actually be reading pages from the fictional Triumph Comics’ Lynx comic – with amazing and timely art from the wonderful Sandy Jarrell and scholar Taylor Esposito, ”Segura said of the art. “Like me, Sandy loves comic book history – and he fully understands what we’re looking for with Secret identity. He referred to some of the greats of the time and brought his own voice to the pages. He gives Secret identity a unique and fun crochet and I can’t wait for people to experience it next March.

Secret identity is available for pre-order now, before its release on March 15, 2022.

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