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Inspired by the novel 44 chapters on 4 men by BB Easton, and based on Easton’s real life, sex/life tells the salacious story of a bored housewife and housewife who feels her sex life with her husband has lost the spark. She starts keeping a diary and fantasizing about her sexual escapades with her bad boy ex-boyfriend who she used to destroy beds with but left her heartbroken.

sex/life caused an earthquake in the streaming world when it was released in 2021. How big is an earthquake? The first season of this drama was watched by 67 million households in the first four weeks since its publication on May 25. This puts it just behind the first seasons of Bridgerton and the witcher.

People are waiting for Season 2 of this steamy show to end, and here’s what we know about the second season.

Is season 2 confirmed? After an explosive first season, we fully expected Netflix to renew the series. Four months after its release, Netflix announced that it had renewed sex/life for a second season.

That comes back ? The four main cast members from season 1 return to continue the thrilling story of S1. Sarah Shahi, Mike Vogel, Adam Demos and Margaret Odette will reprise their roles as Billie Connelly, Cooper, Brad and Sasha respectively. Recurring S1 stars Jonathan Sadowski as Devon and Li Jun Li as Francesca will also return.

Anyone new to the show? netflix announcement that they added several new actors for recurring roles to the cast. Some of them are Craig Bierko (Unreal), Cleo Anthony (She must have it), Darius Homayoun (Tehran), Dylan Bruce (black orphan), and Wallis Day (batman).

Where is the filming? Well, filming for season 2 is over. They actually ended in early spring 2022, as confirmed by Adam Demos. Demos, while talk to ET about his Netflix movie A perfect matchsaid he had finished filming sex/life S2 two weeks before the release of A perfect match.

The introductory season of sex/life had so many jaw-dropping scenes that moments like the shower scene and the sex party are forever etched in viewers’ minds. It looks like the producers have decided to pump the madness. And Adam Demos confirmed it.

While not much is known about where the story will go in S2, the title of the upcoming season finale might give us some clues. Showrunner Stacy Rukeyser tweeted a photo of the S2 finale storyline cover page and revealed the title “Heavenly Day.” I wonder what heavenly things could happen and to whom such things would happen?

And just like that… there’s a season finale. Get ready for @sexlife season 2! #sexlife

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