Dad seeking pain relief dies of fentanyl overdose

WELD COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) – A Weld County family has opened up about their recent tragic loss to save another family from experiencing the same grief. Chelsea Ramirez says her husband died of a fentanyl overdose, but he wasn’t a drug addict and he wasn’t trying to get high, he was just a hard-working, hurting dad.

According to Ramirez, her husband, Ignacio Landa Ramirez, suffered from back pain last August. He made an appointment with a doctor’s office, but that was in seven to eight weeks.

“We were going to have to wait a long time and he was in real pain that day,” Ramirez said.

That night, Ramirez said her husband contacted a friend from high school who she said was known to have prescription painkillers.

“My husband paid her $20 to die. It was the price of his life,” Ramirez said.

Her husband took what he thought was an oxycodone pill. A few minutes later, he lost consciousness. The night was spent trying to get him to breathe again. He spent the next five days in hospital on life support. They shut down the machine after doctors said he was brain dead. He died a few minutes later.

The Ramirez family learned that fentanyl was to blame.

Ramirez said she shared all the information she could with the Greeley Police Department. This included footage from nearby security cameras which she said shows the woman arriving at her home that night and a transaction.

“This person who poisoned my husband is potentially on the streets, potentially poisoning other people,” Ramirez said.

She is frustrated with the progress in her husband’s case.

“If we know the person, and we’ve identified them, and I’m ready to testify, and we’ve given them a video, what are we waiting for?” said Ramirez.

FOX31 has contacted the Greeley Police Department regarding the progress of the case. They sent the following statement:

“Currently, this case is an active investigation being assigned to an investigator from the Weld County Drug Task Force. Because this is an active investigation, we cannot make specific comments for the moment.

While I cannot speak directly on behalf of the investigator, I can say that the Greeley Police Department takes all cases reported to us seriously, especially those that result in the death of a community member. . Investigations like these take time and we sometimes need to keep important case information internally, so as not to jeopardize the investigation and/or subsequent conviction of the suspect(s). »

Greeley Police Department