Cecilia Menjívar will lead the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association

The sociology professor set the theme for the conference, which includes more than 50 presenters from UCLA

UCLA will have a major role this yearThe annual meeting of the American Sociological Association, with sociology professor Cecilia Menjívar developing the conference program and dozens of UCLA professors and researchers presenting.

“The Bureaucracies of Displacement”, the theme defined by the current President of the Menjívar Association, offers an opportunity to assess the sociological impact of the problems we face today due to the COVID-19 pandemic , as well as intersecting economic and political crises.

Thousands of scholars from across the country will present research and discuss some of the most sensitive issues facing American society, such as gun violence, police, housing insecurity, abortion rights, climate change and voter suppression.

Robert Santos, director of the US Census Bureau, will participate in a discussion. Writers from The Atlantic, Vox and The New York Times will participate in a media panel.

More than 50 presenters are from UCLA. Participating UCLA scholars and their presentations include:

  • Victor Agadjanianprofessor of sociology — “Decentering the sociology of the North: going beyond theory and epistemology”
  • Celestine Castillomedecine studient; Florilma Boj Lopezassistant professor in the César E. Chávez Department of Chicana/o and Central American Studies; Desi Small – Rodriguezassistant professor of sociology — “Indigenous Los Angeles”
  • Kevan Harrisassistant professor of sociology – “Unhoused in Los Angeles: Politics and Policy”
  • Kelly Lytle Hernandez, director of the Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies and Roger Waldinger, director of the Center for Global Migration — “Beyond Control: Immigration Policy in an Era of Enforcement”. Lytle Hernandez is also the Thomas E. Lifka Professor of History.
  • Alfredo HuanteUC Chancellor Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Chicana/o and Central American Studies – “Racialized Gentrification, Displacement and Urban Growth Equity in Los Angeles”
  • Darnel Huntdean of the division of social sciences at UCLA; Ana-Christina RamonDirector of Research and Citizen Engagement of the Social Sciences Division; Michel Tuan Trangraduate student researcher — “Post #OscarsSoWhite? The State of Representation in the Entertainment Industry”
  • Hunt will also participate in a panel titled “Thirty Years After the Los Angeles Fire: What Did 1992 Teach Us and Where Are We Now?”
  • Randall KuhnAssociate Professor of Public Health — “Understanding Vaccine Refusal: Politics, Policies, and Inequalities”
  • Min-ZhouEmeritus Professor of Sociology and Asian American Studies and Walter and Shirley Wang Professor of U.S.-China Relations and Communications – “Combating Anti-Asian Racism During the COVID-19 Pandemic and in -of the”

The conference is open to the media. For a complete program and to register, visit ASANet.org.