At UN, Belarusian diplomat deplores Western actions against him


Belarus’s foreign minister on Monday accused Western countries of waging “a full-scale hybrid war” against the country because he failed to change government in last year’s elections, which , according to him, were won by President Alexander Lukashenko.

Vladimir Makei made no mention of the opposition to Lukashenko and of the Western nations denouncing as a sham the August 2020 elections which granted him a sixth term, nor the months of protests against the result, some of which have rallied until ‘to 200,000 people.

Belarusian authorities responded to the protests with beatings and arrests of more than 35,000 people, and eventually the crackdown – and winter weather – wreaked havoc and the protests withered. Opposition leaders have been jailed or forced to leave the country, and authorities have acted methodically to suppress any sign of dissent.

Makei did not acknowledge the government crackdown, instead declaring at the high-level meeting of the United Nations General Assembly that Belarus has been, against its will, “drawn into the vortex” of a geopolitical war.

He was targeted by the West, he said, “only because Belarus failed to stage the highly polished scenario of another color revolution to coincide with the presidential elections. “. “The West has not been able to accept the choice of the majority of Belarusians because this choice of the Belarusian electorate has spoiled the plans of some strategists,” he said. EU and US sanctions were imposed after Lukashenko’s crackdown and the government hijacking in May of an airliner bound for Minsk to arrest a dissident journalist.

The governments of neighboring Lithuania and Poland have accused Belarusian authorities of organizing a flow of migrants from the Middle East and Africa to their countries in retaliation for sanctions in recent months. Five migrants died trying to cross Belarus to the two countries, both members of the EU.

Makei strongly protested against Western sanctions, which he said violate international law, seriously undermine the entire system of international relations and “increase the potential for conflict and enmity in international relations.” On the refugee issue, he said, the West “fabricated a conflict with refugees on the western border of Belarus” in order to “further demonize” the country. Makei blamed the “irresponsible” policies and actions of Europe and the West, including in Afghanistan, for the millions of migrants trying to reach Europe, stressing that they are not wanted by any European country .

Makei also called human rights a “real weapon against undesirable and disobedient countries” and denounced some anonymous countries for having arbitrarily defined the level of democracy in other countries and pasted “offensive labels” on some of them. ‘between them. Today, said Makei, the nations of the world must unite, help each other and take collective action to overcome all disagreements and prevent the world from plunging “into the chaos of another war, which would be the last.” of the history of mankind ”.

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