ARK: Noglin – How to Tame, Feed and Breed!

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Find out everything you need to know about the Noglin in our ARK: Survival Evolved guide. But also how to catch it, tame it, feed it and also raise its offspring.

The Noglin was introduced to ARK via the Genesis Part:2 DLC, where you can find it in the Boros Sector.

It’s the Noglin in ARK: Survival Evolved

Appearance: The Noglin is a very small alien, with huge ears, two large round eyes and two small round eyes beside them, who walks on all fours. It also has two long antennae on its head and two shorter ones in the middle, the tips of which glow purple.

However, his cuteness disappears as soon as he opens his mouth, which flaps to either side. At this, it reveals its many small sharp teeth, as well as its tongue with many small glowing antennae.

ARK-Noglin-1 - GuidedSavage: Noglins jump on their prey and control its brain, and are able to use anything they can find in the inventory bar or any attacks a dino has to offer. For you, this means: If you have weapons in your inventory bar, the Noglin will use them and shoot everywhere as soon as it invades your body. It may happen that he also shoots your tamed dinosaurs and teleports them directly to the dinosaur paradise.

If you’re really unlucky, it will hit wild creatures, which will attack you right after being hit. So be careful when crossing the Boros sector, which is the wild habitat of Noglins.

Domestic: Have you been able to tame a Noglin, you can keep it as a shoulder mount or as a pet. You can stream your spirit to the Noglin, to play with it, which you can use to jump on other creatures to control them (not all creatures and levels can be controlled). If you stop the transmission between you and the Noglin, while the Noglin is still on the creature’s head, you control that creature for a period of time.

After the Noglin lets go of the creature, it is very likely that this creature will lay down to sleep permanently.

ARK_-Noglin - Guided

How to Tame the Noglin in ARK

The Noglin is passively tamed by eating or rather by controlling your creatures, like the Troodon. To make this as easy as possible for you, you first need to build a trap.

Step 1: The Trap

Build a large room for the trap (no matter how big, but big enough for a Bronto), which you connect to a smaller room with a doorway, both rooms should be at least as high as the stone doorway. If you don’t have Cryo Pods, the Great Hall also needs dino doors, which you leave closed during taming.

Step 2: Obtain a Noglin

The best way to catch a wild Noglin is with an Argentavis, which makes it relatively easy to catch. To make it easier to find a Noglin, you need to activate the visor of the helmet, which outlines wild dinosaurs in white. On the map, you should fly along the x-axis at a height of 50 from the y-axis, but not too far from the ground, as the Noglin is quite small and usually hard to see.

ARK_Noglin_Spawn-300x297 - GuidedHave you seen a Noglin, take it with the Argentavis who can break it with its beak. If you have the Noglin in your Argentavis’ beak, you return to the trap you built and drop the Noglin in the smaller room.

Step 3: The Taming Process

Bring all the Brontos, Stegos, or/and Carbonemys into the large room of your trap, and open the access door to the room where you cast the Noglin. After that, go to a safe place, which is also out of reach of Noglins, so that he cannot use you as a “zombie”. Because, as described above: It will take or use whatever is in your inventory bar.

Ideally, the Noglin will gradually pounce on your pets until tamed. If he doesn’t care about your pets at first and the Noglin keeps getting cold, knock him out to make him hungry, but be careful, his health is low. If the Noglin wakes up, it should start attacking your dinosaurs. However, you cannot do this if he has already earned the first few percents in the taming process, otherwise the process will reset to 0.

You must stay out of its reach throughout the process, as the Noglin prefers humans. If he targets you, just get out of his range and come back a bit later.

Tips for taming:

  • The Noglin has a cooldown after controlling a creature before it can use the same creature again.
  • The higher the level of the Noglin, the longer the taming takes and the more dinos are needed.
  • Brontos brings the most taming percentages, followed by Stegos and Carbonemys.
  • Build a very tall tower next to the trap, from which you can watch the taming process.
  • The Noglin may take its time to tame. Swap dinosaurs as needed or add more.

What to feed the Noglin in ARK

The Noglin prefers living creatures for food. To feed it, you can take the opportunity to embody your Noglin, jump on a creature and wait until the Noglin has eaten enough by controlling it.

How to Breed the Noglin in ARK

The Noglin is not reproducible in the current version of ARK: Survival Evolved.

ARK_Noglin - Guided

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