Apple overhauls iPhone checkout experience with larger images, focus on redemptions, more

Apple has done a major overhaul of the iPhone payment page on its website. The new design features larger images, faster access to shopping help, and more. There is also a greater focus on trading other devices.

The previous design of the iPhone checkout process featured a two-column view with static images and left and right configuration options. This new design focuses much more on big pictures and more polished experiences for things like choosing a smartphone to trade in.

This new design still relies on two separate columns for imaging and configuration options. The imagery, however, is much larger. It’s a nice change, especially when looking at the different color options for the iPhone.

As you progress through the setup process, you’ll see new videos from Apple employees, including one explaining how to choose your storage configuration. There is also a static option in the bottom right to instantly open a chat with an Apple Store employee.

One of the biggest changes this revamp brings is a greater focus on trading. After setting up your iPhone, you will be asked whether or not you have a device to trade in. There is a new video explaining the trading process and a full-screen interface for checking values.

Other changes include new comparison details between different iPhone models, updated frequently asked questions, shipping information located at the top of the webpage, and more. You can check all the changes for yourself here.

Currently, this new checkout process is only available for iPhone purchases. This includes the flagship iPhone 13 line as well as older models like the iPhone 12.

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