5 things we love about Capcom Fighting Collection (and 4 we don’t)

The Capcom Battle Collection has finally been released on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Walking in the footsteps of Street Fighter 30th Anniversary CollectionDigital Eclipse brings together Capcom’s other fighting games from the 1990s into one package.

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What their new collection lacks in the big names, it makes up for by improving on the mistakes of its predecessor. However, despite being a great compilation, there are still a few bugbears that will stick around in players’ craws. Here are some reasons to love Capcom Battle Collectionand the reasons for not doing so.

9 Love: A heavy dose of Darkstalkers

The Dark Stalkers The series has been dormant since 1997. Morrigan, Demitri, Felicia and the others have now made more crossover appearances than their main franchise. So it’s nice to have all three inputs in one package on modern machines. Dark Stalkers, vampire hunterand vampire savior are all here, present and taken into account.

It even includes two previously Japan-exclusive entries called vampire hunter 2 and vampire savior 2. The two games are similar, with hunter 2 replace of the savior new character with the older ones, while Savior 2 keeps newbies in favor of junk Dark Stalkers 1 characters. The latter even has a secret and creepy mimic character called Marionette to unlock and play as.

8 Haine: Where’s Dee?

Like Street Fighter 30th anniversary collection, Digital Eclipse still uses Arcade builds. This made his version of Street Fighter Alpha 3 feel bare bones compared to its Dreamcast, PSP and even Gameboy Advance ports. It’s less boring with this collection, since the console ports haven’t had as many re-releases. Although the console version of Dark Stalkers 3 had everyone from hunter 2 and Savior 2 in his list. There is also another missing adjustment that would have been nice.

Japan only Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection on PS2 had an arranged version of Saviour which allows people to play as Dee; Donovan’s evil version of his vampire hunter end. Functionally, he was just a mix of Donovan and Demitri. Still, it had some neat moves and a nice arcade-mode ending too. It would have been a nice icing on the cake Dark Stalkers side of the Collection if it was included.

seven Love: Hidden Gems

While many players will go for the Dark Stalkers games, other entries are a pair of cult classics and underrated treats. Cyberbots combined mecha chaos with beautiful CPS2 graphics. Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo traded physical blows for mental blows with PuyoPuyo– style puzzle battles using gems. So Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix takes the gems of this game and the chibi art style and puts it into a beginner-friendly fighting game that’s both fun and entertaining.

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The most obscure entry would be Red earth. This compilation gives the game its very first console release. Its sumptuous animations live up to Street Fighter 3: Third Strike. It even changes the gameplay by adding RPG elements where the player can gain new special moves every time they level up. Although it didn’t get much love in arcades back then, perhaps its unique approach will allow it to be more appreciated today.

6 Hate: missing jewels

That’s great Red earth and Cyberbots are attracting attention again after so long. Their characters may have more going for them than “that dinosaur from Capcom Fighting Evolution‘ or ‘that guy with the explosive clothes of Marvel vs. Capcom‘. Still, one wonders if these were really the best games they could include.

For example, Akira Kazama from Rival schools attracted a lot of attention when she became a member of street fighter 5 final season of DLC. Neither its original game nor its Dreamcast sequel Justice Project received a reissue since the early 2000s. So why weren’t they part of the collection? Or Star Gladiator and its sequel Plasma Sword? Perhaps they will appear in a second combat collection, but their absence here is felt.

5 Love: Mercy for Newcomers

The collection comes with modern controls like the next Street Fighter 6. If the player accesses the button configuration in the Options screen, they can set a button as a “special move”. Once assigned, doing a Hadouken will be as easy as a button press, and a Shoryuken will be forward and a button press. They can even set specific special moves on a button, including super combos.

This is likely to be divisive, as fighting game purists have the classic moves like the back of their hands. But having it around isn’t going to turn newcomers into Daigo-esque super players. It’s just a good option for people who just want to choose the green haired busty woman Dark Stalkers and having fun for fun. This way they have more options than just Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix.

4 Haine: only one save state slot

However, this beginner friendliness has a downside. All 10 games in the package come with a single save state slot. Not one each. One for the whole game. So if any players are having trouble beating the final boss in a game, save it for later and try something new, then that’s it. They cannot save another state in another game without overwriting the other.

It’s a bizarre omission. The Sonic Mega Collection on Gamecube and PS2 offered as many save states as their memory cards allowed. Admittedly, fighting games are simpler; players beat their opponent or they don’t. But unless they want to undo their progress, say, to reach Akuma in Super Puzzle Fighter II Turboit limits the player to a do-or-die approach in other games.

3 Love: full of content

Along with five Darkstalkers games and a mix of oddities and rarities, there’s an extensive museum section that offers people 500 artwork and 400 music tracks in total. It’s quite tough. But why should fans care? Of course, this does not affect gameplay. However, Capcom’s art department was on point in the 1990s, and especially for the Dark Stalkers series.

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Classic and traditional pieces from Bengus sit alongside new digital pieces from Shinkiro. Along with that, there’s concept art that details how certain characters have been changed over time. Like how Morrigan could have been a buff, an Amazonian vampire, or how his sister Lilith was going to be an angel. The music is not to be despised either. Some of this art has even been organized into border options if players wanted to stick to the game’s original resolutions.

2 Haine: Ouch, my wallet!

The collection is a treat for any fighting game fan. But its price is on par with the other novelties. It costs $39.99 on PC and $44.99 on console. In the past, it was the cost of a new intact game. Rather than the $50+ plus $20 season passes and $5.99 extra characters. So the cost is as retro as the games!

It’s a big chunk of change for a retro collection. The Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, though weaker in comparison, opted for a cheaper price on release and offered more well-known games. It’s not a dealbreaker like Nintendo’s approach to retro games. Although aside from avid fighting game fans, it might be best to wait until the price drops before picking it up.

1 Love: we are all connected

One of the most disappointing aspects of the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection was that only a handful of its games had online modes. Whereas Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, Alpha 3and Super-Turbo were its most popular entries, other games that would have benefited from the online treatment were overlooked. Fortunately, every game of Capcom Battle Collection has online play, including Red earth.

It’s too early to tell how exactly good the quality was. He’s been solid so far, which is a good sign considering how fast and frenzied he is Dark Stalkers matches can get. It even uses rollback netcode for reliability. While games in this series have been overshadowed by the street fighter series, this collection helps them outdo themselves for the first time in ages.

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