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The closing film of the festival is “Deadstream” with Joseph Winter who is also co-director, place and date not specified | Photo courtesy of Joseph and Vanessa Winter, St. George News

ST. GEORGE- Film of the closing night of the 20th anniversary of the HorrorFest International Film Festival “Deadstream” features constructed effects rather than computer-generated graphics, the directors said.

This year’s festival will be held at the historic St. George’s Electric Theater Wednesday through Saturday. There will be 67 films (six feature films and 61 short films) representing 16 countries.

In addition, 26 feature film scripts and 22 short film scripts will be included in the film festival screenplay competition over the four day dread-filled festival.

HorrorFest International 2022 will host horror-themed filmmakers and panels, a a traditional trivia game, a live reading of a beloved horror classic, costume contest, secret screening and more, according to a press release.

“Deadstream” is written and directed by Joseph and Vanessa Winter of Orem, Utah. The independent film is shot entirely in Utah. It features a disgraced internet personality trying to win back his subscribers. It broadcasts live spending a night alone in a haunted house. But the host tempts fate and offends a vengeful spirit, which then provokes a real-time fight for his life.

The 87-minute film was written, produced and directed by Winters. The couple met at Brigham Young University film school 10 years ago and have worked on various projects together. “Dead Flow” is their first film collaboration.

Vanessa Winter said she preferred “hands-on creature effect” cinema. By having built rather than using computer effects, it brings reality to the film.

Joseph & Vanessa Winter, Writers & Directors of Horror/Comedy ‘Deadstream’ Featured as HorrorFest International Film Festival’s 20th Anniversary Closing Film, Location and Date Unspecified | St. George’s News

“I like the way it looks on screen. For me, it’s better as a movie buff,” she said. “When things are real, I can feel it watching the movie. . Rather than something that’s computer generated, I think it loses some authenticity.

His background in the art department adds to his fascination with the craft of practical effects. She said filmmakers in the 1980s had to create animatronics, masks, or creatures. Gore effects have always been an art. Vanessa Smart said that most movies these days have computer-generated effects.

“I think it’s a dying art form. Unfortunately, because most of the movies you see are very heavily loaded with digital effects,” she said. “It’s an art form that we miss, and we want it to be more prevalent in new films. So we were excited to make a feature film to handle a lot of practical effects.

The house shown as Death Manor in the film is in Benjamin, near Spanish Fork, Utah. It is a pioneer era house that has been abandoned since the 1940s. Joseph Winter said the house was in fields in the middle of nowhere.

They needed an old dilapidated house in the woods left in the forest. This house didn’t match that, except for a group of tall trees. Joseph said they fired at night, pointed through the trees and made it look like it was in the woods. Then they filmed more shots in the Spanish Fork Canyon campground.

The Winters said Utah has a large film community and encourages people to make the films they think of despite financial hardship.

“One thing I would say to other filmmakers is that there’s momentum and a kickstart,” Vanessa Winter said.

She added that filmmakers often invest their own money up front. Yet another producer or investor can see that the filmmaker is serious about it. One of their biggest investors came after they had already filmed to help pay for post-production.

Joseph Winter said that in the independent film industry, many filmmakers want to make their films, but financial reasons prevent them from doing so.

“It’s the biggest challenge for any budding filmmaker. We decided it was time to do something that no one could really say no to,” he said. “We were intentionally trying to come up with ideas that could potentially be something that was a small amount of money up for grabs. So that we could go out and make it happen even if a big investor wasn’t on board.

The couple will be at the festival for a Q&A after their Utah premiere screening. “Dead stream » was screened at various festivals across the country, including South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. Joseph Winter said that during this festival they were able to strike a distribution deal with Shutter, which is like the Netflix of horror movies offered online.

The international film festival HorrorFest has been named “one of the best horror film festivals in the world” by popular website Dread Central. The festival is organized by the nonprofit Film and Media Alliance of Southern Utah (FMASU).

The opening night selection is Adrian Langley’sBunker.” Adam Mast and John Pugh, co-founders, and Jeff Sanders, senior programmer, participated in the festival.

“We couldn’t be more excited to roll out this lineup of films and events as we celebrate our 20th anniversary,” Mast said. “We’ve seen this film festival grow over the past two decades to become a truly special film festival on the international stage, while celebrating filmmaking achievement in our home state of Utah. And we’ve never lost the warmth and camaraderie that our filmmakers and moviegoers enjoy here.

In short selections, Utah-produced shorts include “lupe“, about an immigrant mother and a priest confronting dark strangers as she tries to protect her daughter, Alan Seawright”Dreamer,” about a mother trying to figure out what happens to her family when a terrifying emergency alert wakes her up, and Paul Amstone”coup de gracewhich focuses on a man faced with a special situation after accidentally killing a woman.

Among the international selections of short films is Frank van den Bogaart’s film outside Belgium, “Darkerabout a girl who goes into the woods in search of a mythological creature said to collect stories of dying beings. The Australian film by Michael Jones and Paddy Jessop, “Vacuumspeaks of a creature that feeds at night on those who sleep. The Italian film by David A. Roncone, “Blocked“, is about a young woman who accidentally lets go of a demonic entity when moving into her new home. Fabio Colonna’s Mexican film, “Unheimlich”, tells the story of the eternal fight between the conscious and the unconscious.

Jamie Hooper’s British horror film, “The creeper” tells the story of a woman forced to return home after several years to care for her grandmother who has dementia. Soon after, she finds herself in a nightmarish struggle for life against a malevolent presence, and her grandmother’s fading memories may be the key to both of them surviving the nightmare. by Rob York”The Curse of Crom: The Legend of Halloween” is another local Utah production highlighted by HorrorFest International this year.

In the film, high school teenagers accidentally release an ancient and malevolent Irish entity. They have until midnight on Halloween to arrest him. From XYZ Films, Adam Leader and Richard Oakes”feed mea poignant and darkly comic story of an emotionally broken man who finds himself in the home of a deranged cannibal. The Mike Schiff Documentary”The History of Metal and Horror” is a cinematic love letter that explores the history of heavy metal and horror and how the two genres have merged over time. Additionally, Dylan Arnow’s comic takes on the slasher genre, “Nightmare at Camp Bloodbath», will be screened before the last film of the festival.

Special guests at the HorrorFest International Film Festival include the return of horror cinema stalwart Frank Dietz (“Beast Wishes »). Dietz will be on hand with his nonprofit Scripts Gone Wild to do a live reading of the ’80s horror classic.”horror show” with a team of local talent at the opening night after-party, according to a press release.

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