2023 NBA Draft: Villanova’s Cam Whitmore to undergo thumb surgery

Villanova’s Cam Whitmore, one of the top prospects in the entire 2023 NBA Draft cycle, is scheduled to undergo surgery on his right thumb after injuring him in practice Wednesday, according to the team.

Whitmore will be sidelined while recovering and reevaluated in early November.

While there are certainly worse injuries to be had, there is a caveat with Whitmore’s injury. One of the fastest risers in the class due to a strong FIBA ​​performance, Whitmore is a high-flying forward who uses strength and power over skill and finesse.

Whether in transition or half court, Whitmore uses his strength and weight to intimidate his opponents. He is one of the best off-dribble scorers in this class and has proven himself capable of reaching the rim at any time. From there, he has body control to finish tough layups as well as vertical pop to dunk on his opponent. As a high school star, Whitmore was known for putting guys on posters.

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Consistent with that, Whitmore’s ranged shot was probably his best swing skill, which will no doubt be hampered by a thumb injury.

Without a clear picture of what his perimeter game will look like in college, his stock could vary depending on which teams hang around the lottery lineup.

Whitmore ranged from 3rd overall prospect midway through the first round on most big boards and mock drafts.

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