2023 Hyundai Palisade Review: An Even More Complete Package

How is the interior of the Palisade 2023?

Unlike the driving experience, the interior of the 2023 Palisade is actually cool. Yes, the basic layout of all controls is the same, but there are enough revisions to make a real difference. For starters, the steering wheel is new to the Palisade. It is the same as that which appears in the current Sonata, but it fits here. This wheel is nicer to look at, can be heated, and is simply nicer to hold and use. Also, the controls are slightly more readable, which is a plus.

The center console is largely the same, but there’s a new touchscreen control interface that manages the climate control system. Buttons on either side of the new touchscreen still control the temperature, but fan speed and air conditioning on or off are controlled by that little digital display. We often scoff at the use of touchscreens for the main controls, but to Hyundai’s credit, the screen is bright and as easy to use as it is to read. We’re grateful that the temperature, timing and automatic settings still have physical buttons, but this addition declutters the center stack while retaining functionality.

There’s also a new central touchscreen that rises above the dashboard. It’s bigger than before, now spans 12 inches in diameter (was 10.25 inches), and has a resolution of 720p. The interface behind the glass is the same, but we appreciate the extra screen real estate. As for the cabin, Hyundai has made the Palisade even more premium. The upgraded leather seats on the top trim remain, but Hyundai has added a massaging driver’s seat to help reduce fatigue on long drives. Models equipped with second-row captain’s chairs now have wing head restraints, and there’s also a new heated third-row seat option.