Single credit mutual investment funds, our opinion

In this post we will analyze the Single Credit mutual investment funds offer. Undoubtedly a wide and varied offer with interesting possibilities of profit and return. Obviously, Single Credit Mutual Funds, like other mutual funds, are collective assets made up of the capital paid by individual investors, each of which holds a number of shares proportional to the amount it has paid.

Each share represents a fraction of the assets and has a value that changes over time in relation to the performance of the financial instruments in which the fund’s assets are invested. The management of the assets of Single Credit Mutual Funds is entrusted to a Savings Management Company, which invests it according to the type and objectives of the fund.

The fund’s assets are independent and separate from those of the management company.

Single Credit mutual investment funds, a complete offer

Single Credit mutual investment funds, a complete offer

Single Credit Mutual Investment Funds are or are established and managed by Pioneer Investments, a trademark that distinguishes the asset management companies belonging to Single Credit SpA. The Pioneer Investments offer of funds offers ample opportunities for diversification, allowing investment in different markets, modulating risk appetite and time horizon.
Thanks to a range of offers of over 100 Funds, with Single Credit mutual investment funds, it is possible to have a personalized response based on the risk appetite and the time horizon. Furthermore, the range also includes some funds that provide for the annual distribution of the proceeds collected / accrued. The entire Single Credit Mutual Funds investment offer consists of certain types of investments:

  • MONETARY AND LIQUIDITY. They invest in short-term monetary and bond instruments and aim for moderate growth in invested capital;
  • BOND. They differ by type of obligation (governmental and corporate), by currency and by geographical area and aim to increase capital in the medium to long term;
  • FLEXIBLE – TOTAL RETURN. They invest in equity and bond instruments and aim to achieve stable returns over time;
  • PROFILE. They invest in both equity and bond instruments with different weights to meet different risk profiles;
  • DEADLINE BONDS. They invest in bonds and are characterized by a default maturity and the periodic distribution of a coupon;
  • A FORMULA. They recognize a return calculated on the basis of a formula (usually linked to the result achieved by a market index), with a capital protection on the same date.

Single Credit Mutual Investment Funds can be subscribed with payments in a single installment, or in PAC (Accumulation Plans) by investing in installments by choosing amount, periodicity and duration.

Single Credit mutual investment funds, useful information

Single Credit mutual investment funds, useful information

In general, Single Credit mutual investment funds have a medium and long term time horizon. Payments are from 50 euros, with the possibility of additional payments and divestments are always possible at market value. But what are the advantages of joining Single Credit Mutual Funds? First of all, diversification, in fact, thanks to the distribution of the Fund’s composition on a wide range of financial instruments, limits the risk of concentrating the investment on just one financial instrument.

In addition, with the Mutual Investment Funds, Single Credit will enjoy products differentiated by type of financial instruments, geographical area, currency, management style and degree of risk for a response consistent with the characteristics of the investor. The minimum investment is just 50 euros, it is possible to invest with a single payment or gradually through accumulation plans (PAC), with small amounts, and ask for total or partial repayments at any time, of the shares at market value.

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